Tuesday, June 19, 2018

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When I look at the things my friends on Facebook say regarding people who are brown or who are not from this country it makes me ashamed. It's why I find it hard to write here anymore. You cannot make an animal become human and you cannot make a human who thinks like a predatory animal give a shit about others. When I write here the only minds I'm communing with are the ones who already think like me. The people who do not believe we are all equal come here and leave still thinking we are not all equal. Writing anything in this current climate is a waste of time. I tell myself that every time I think about coming here and hitting the keys on this keyboard to convey any sort of message to souls who are obviously lost in hate.

It's a total chicken and egg thing. Does the way we see the world we live in create the world we envision or is the world what it is and we are just observers? You ain't gonna believe this but the world is nothing until we see it. I really want to stop right there and never explain this again but I cannot. The reason why we can't all agree on one reality is that reality shifts with the viewer. It shifts because none of us see true reality. We can only see it from the perspective of our own life's lens. You see the world based on your life experience. If you'd been raised one town over, you'd be a different person. If your parents died when you were small and someone else raised you, you'd be a different person. If your soul had ended up in a body with a different exterior skin color, you'd be a different person. Every little experience makes up the lens you use to see the world. That is why we are not all seeing the same world. 

I'll tell ya something else that changes the way we see the world. MEDIA. That is correct. We all grew up watching TV and we learned how to see people not like us on TV. Sometimes that is the only experience we will ever have with other races and cultures. My mom watched Leave It to Beaver and Father Knows Best and she grew up thinking the man was in charge and the woman took care of the family and household. Good Times taught us about a poor Black family, where the man had trouble finding work and how there was always someone coming to collect and no money to pay. Shows like this were the only access a lot of white folks had to Black families. A lot of people started to believe this image and they never stopped. It doesn't matter how many MLK's or how many Barack's and Michelle's there are in the world, this will be the vision some people hold until they die. Imagine if you are Black and it's all you see of people who look like you, you might start to believe that's who you'll be. There are still a lot of times that the only roles someone Black is considered for is a welfare recipient, a drug dealer or a gang member. On TV shows all brown people are terrorists, drug cartel members or gas station attendants. If you look back at old western's you can see how Native American's where shown as savages like they were the invaders and not the white man who stole their land. So, these are the parts we see on TV and movies, what about the news?

Start paying close attention to the news. How do you find out if someone who committed a shooting or act of crime is white? You have to wait to see a photo. They never say white or Caucasian in a verbal or written description. Think about how many times you have heard either white or Caucasian said. They never say it! Like I said, you have to see the photo on the news. You won't hear it on the radio or on the television. You'll have to wait to see the photo every time. How do you know if the shooter or perpetrator is Black or Brown? They will say it every time. You never have to wait for the photo. If they don't say the ethnicity of the person go ahead and assume they are white. There is a reason they leave that detail out. Because rich white men who want to stay in charge own the news outlets. It is no wonder so many white people think only people of color commit crimes. 

Rich white men own the entertainment industry and I think they make their agenda clear. Whether by design or by chance media paints us all separate. Tell me the last time you watched a movie with diverse characters who come together to heal a town by celebrating diversity of person and culture? For some reason that is not the picture they want in our heads or maybe because it is not in their heads so they aren't capable of creating it. Either way it's up to us to paint a new photo where we peaceful coexist.  You won't make the world better by persisting with separation. 

You CAN change the world you live in. All you have to do is stop allowing society to tell you how the world is and start making it what you want. It's one of the great things most religions try to teach us and that is that the way we see the world is what creates it.

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he. “ ― Proverbs 23:7(KJV) 

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.“ ― Buddha

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”― Mahatma Gandhi 

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy to a friend.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Monday, June 18, 2018

oh the times they are a changin'

I'm not even gonna pretend I haven't written some form of this post before but let's give it a different perspective today shall we?

Is much/all of what we believe a product of hand me down ideas? I'm going to use a shallow example to explain why I ask this.

What do you think about dress code at work? Do you believe there should be a dress code? Do you believe it should be followed strictly or have some allowances? Is workplace casual okay for everyday or just Friday? Some of the usual less casual dress code items include: no jeans, no 5 pocket colored pants, no tank tops, no flip flops, no tee shirts, no hooded jackets, skirt lengths have limits and no tattoos or body piercings. Some places also restrict facial hair.

Ask yourself, if you work in an office, if you believe this to be proper office dress code or do you believe it should be the guidelines for proper office dress code? Now I want you to flip over to this blog and scan down a few pages of the posts. This blog, The Sartorialist, is made up of photo after photo of people dressing in very individual ways. A great deal of it is very androgynous. The men at times appear to be wearing items that were probably purchased in the women's department and at times it appears that the women or dressed in attire that was probably purchased from the men's department. As you look at all these photos try to suspend your belief about what is appropriate. Actually look at each person and think about if you think what they are wearing is flattering to them. Don't think about rules or about how you'd do it, just think about if the look is attractive. If you are honest I know you will see people who look amazing wearing things you'd never wear or wearing things you'd like to wear but would be afraid of leaving the house in.

Another question for you. Why do you believe that you have to dress a certain way and why do you believe in appropriate and inappropriate? The answer is that someone taught you that.

I have worked with so many people (most all of them) who believe that there is only one appropriate way to dress despite how much our world has changed over the decades of our lives. When someone taught them what was appropriate years ago they never let go of that even though there is evidence all around us that shows allowing people to both dress casually and show their individuality makes them happier and more productive in the workplace. Also, even though it was years ago and not as relevant now, these people hold to these ideas simply because they believe them and never push themselves to expand to include new ideas. They are stuck in time. They are stuck in belief.

Now let's leave the office and just talk about how you feel about clothes in general. When you looked at those photos of people and the androgyny in some, are you able to allow these looks without judgement or does it make you uncomfortable? 

What I hope to give you with this post is a curiosity. I hope it will make you examine how you approach the world and not just with regard to dress but to life in general. Are you stuck, are you closed off and are you unable to allow others to have an identity that is different from how you have been taught? Let this one example be your wake up to be more accepting, open and more able to embrace the individuality of others. Don't be closed off to time and advancement. Though you may want to stay the same you can allow others that window to move with the times in a meaningful way. If you stay where you are but allow others to move and embrace change, that will be enough to make the world a better place. People are not robots and should not be treated as such.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Steam Powered Aereocast Pop Up II

We did it again. Here's another surprise episode of the podcast. It's a rambling mess of a thing. There was no Truckston, got that wrong but really I'm sure there is one somewhere. B also had the wrong Drew retweet about the baby names. It was a Drew Magary retweet, details here: 

Royals fan from, like, before‏ @kevbo9 May 16 

My 1st grader finished school yesterday. She brought home her year book. Here is a sampling of some names from said year book: Caydince Dokken Blayk (girl) Kollyn (girl) Brayzdn Jaxis Gwenevere Brycon Hawken Leilynd (boy) Zaylyn (boy) https://twitter.com/kevbo9/status/996926369547382784

Monday, May 28, 2018


Olive and Rose
Jason Rydquist
David Salafia
oleg andreev
Today I was laying in my loft and I looked over and saw this movie by  staring back at me. That took me back to Olive and Rose and Flickr. I remember them writing about the long period where no one speaks in the movie and I wish I could be as poetic as they were about it but I've lost all they said now except for the feeling they gave me about artistry.

These two used to have a Flickr account together and that was mesmerizing. There was a video of just a phone swinging in a bank of phones on the edge of a fairground and it seemed both mysterious and sexy at the same time. That was their art. You can still find them out there but I won't point you to them because honestly I wouldn't want it to lead them back here where my words would be a failed attempt at telling you how they mastered telling a story, being mysterious and drawing you in. That is what good art does. It makes you feel even if you don't know what that feeling is or why it makes you feel the way you do. Somehow, I kinda think that if you cannot know exactly what it does to you but that it does something, thats some of the best art. 

So the thought of Olive and Rose took me to flickr to find them again and what I found has depths of layers  I have no interest in but could still not look away. But it did get me on Flickr looking at my favs and the way I saved other peoples photos back in the day and that just woke all of humanity in my brain. The photos I saved mostly seem like the world ended, you are the last person alive and you are going from house to house looking at photobooks and taking in how the world was and how people live. If you got a good bit of time, go over and look. It will make you feel connected. Here is the link. Remember you can click the slideshow button on the top right by the arrow so you don't have to scroll if you don't want to.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Scavenger Hunt 2018

10 Things on 1 Day in Kentucky from SoulPony on Vimeo.

I'm very sad that this trip ended with not being able to save the full story from Instagram live. I didn't want to lose the whole day so I recorded it from B's phone to mine. It's terrible quality but I did learn a great lesson here. We also forgot to photograph a few things so we had to take them from a video capture. We'll get 'em next time. So here are the photos in no order at all:

Monday, April 30, 2018

Steam Powered Aereocast Popup Podcast

I'm gonna go ahead and guess that you didn't know that every few years me and mah man decide to do a podcast. We record around ten episodes, decide it's too much of a chore and then abruptly stop and the well dries up for another five or so years. We were just sitting around this weekend and we decided to record something together. We aren't starting anything up again but maybe from time to time we will do a popup podcast like this one. It just feels better if you do it because you want to and not because it’s something you have committed yourself to.

When I looked back the last ones we did were in 2012 while we were wasting time in a camper waiting on our current house to be built. You can find the old blog here but it appears that the links no longer work. That's what happens when you let things go, they get lost in time.

So without further ado I give you the first ever Popup Podcast of Steam Powered Aereocast. May the clicking begin.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

We Are All Awesome

Let's start with the most extreme opposite way people live in your community from you, the person who clicked over to read this post. Imagine telling people who are Amish about Instagram followers. Imagine what they'd think about visiting with people on Facebook instead of in person. Now imagine explaining to someone who has been rich their entire life how hard it is to come up with money for your child's graduation invitations and to pay doctor bills. Imagine explaining to someone poor that you never shop at Walmart & Save-A-Lot, drive a car or see actual poor people because you are so wealthy you have people who shop for you, drive for you and the places you go are exclusive to people who are only wealthy just like you. They do not know you can buy pants for less than $30 because they can pay $1000 for a pair and do. Imagine explaining to someone who has been famous since birth that most people go through their day with no one caring what they wear or where they vacation. Think about how hard it is to explain how important it is to be informed about world events with someone who thinks they should only be concerned with how their life is going in their own little bubble. Imagine how hard it is to explain why you no longer think that the things we all think are the absolute truth to someone who believes that life is an arrangement of decisions, skill and luck. We do not know what we do not know. We can think we do and we can imagine it in our heads but unless you have literally walked a mile in someone else's $1200 shoes you don't reallllly know.

That is where we are in this moment in time. 

There are sooo many people living on this earth and living in so many different ways, with so many different ideas about how the world works based on their own life experience that it is dividing us more than we have ever been. Part of that divide comes from the fact that we have access to these different experiences through electronic media, without the actual firsthand experience to go with it. We can think we know what someone else's life is like but we cannot really know. The thing we will always lack is the experiences that come with living life every day for a lifetime. No one experiences life the same way as someone else. It doesn't even happen in families. There will always be things that happen to you on an individual basis that will impact you and the way you think. Even when someone else experiences something along with you, the way they interpret the experience will be different for the single fact that the lens they view through has been impacted by how previous life experiences have taught them to see how things are. This is why everyone thinks they are right. This is how you learn to make yourself the good guy in your version of the truth. Until we can all (me way included) learn to look at our beliefs and loosen the yoke of who we believe we are, separation will exist like it does now. Intolerance will be a way of life. I don't know about you but I'm sick of things being like that. We have to start being more accepting of others and more willing to think about the reasons we all become the people we are or the people we think we are. No one sees anything in this world without it being shaped by the way our life has unfolded. We only bear part of the responsibility for that. The rest is just circumstance and also as a matter of circumstance, we may not have the knowledge to free ourselves.

People whose parents were school teachers have all the skills in the world to become school teachers. People who have artist parents have all the skills to live that life style and to find their own creative outlet. People who have always been poor have all the skills in the world to remain poor. People who grew up in a home where drug deals went down have all the skills to become a drug dealer. Someone who was abused as a child has all the skill they'll ever need to grow up and abuse their own children.  Paris Hilton is skilled at being wealthy and she actually had her own show about trying to live like poorer people that to someone who is poor, made her look ridicules at how little life experience she has. 

Here's where we start. Square one is just giving a beat before we judge the person next to us. In that beat think about the road this person has been down that may have landed them right next to you. Then think about your own road and the direction it will take going forward in the next instant if you make a choice to treat that person like their life matters just as much as your own.
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