Wednesday, November 26, 2014

being in the moment

When you make this many laps around 9 trees with yarn to make a yarn fort for you nieces and nephew you can be nothing but in the moment. So, that was easy on the mind (a little tiring on the body though) but life is not always that way.

I've taken note lately that the easiest way to stay present is to try to engage as many of your senses at once as you can. It kind of pulls everything into you like pulling a blanket over your head.

When you sit in mindful practice try to find a way to totally engage. Burn a candle or incense, just make sure it is a scent that you really love. Play music you love. Work on a project that you are excited about, study, meditate or just listen to that awesome music you have on. Make sure to be very comfortable where you sit and with what you wear.

I think that is one of the reasons people take so much from having a Chios session with me. I know that energy healing is very useful to them but the atmosphere we set up for their session also plays an important part as well. I always burn incense, play soothing music and make sure that the table is cozy. The receptivity that they bring rounds out the whole experience. For many people when they get a massage, Reiki treatment, facial, pedicure or manicure, this may be the only time they totally check out of the chaos that is life.We can have this in everyday life. We don't need to wait until we are on a massage table.

I love this post from Chapter Friday about mindfulness. I think you will too.

Here are a few tiny bits of peacefulness for you.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Grammar is Fiction?

I know I'll be challenged on this one but that's okay. I'm flexible in that I will accept that you don't agree but let it be known that there is no changing my mind.

You've all seen the thing going around that's a paragraph where the letters of the words have been jumbled but it can still be read easily. That alone kind of proves my point. Following rules of grammar and speaking with no accent are not required to make a point when communicating.

There are all sorts of people who speak English that do not speak it the way people in America do but they can still get their point across and that is the point communication. Some of those people speak English as a second language. We can also count the British even though originally that is the way our English was spoken. They don't use even close to the same dialect as Americans. There are people like me who were born in the South and either speak very country or with a southern drawl. There are northern accents, Jersey accents and on and on. Words come out of our mouths and conversations are had. Communication has served it's function.

Now, at what point did the rules for the way communication should function come in to play and who was in charge of setting those rules? I don't care about the rules because I don't understand the necessity. I just think that some people feel better if we are all in the same box. Those "same boxers" made the rules because they need them. I, however, do not. Animals don't need rules to communicate and I don't either. I am gonna do it my way no matter what society dictates. There is beauty in being who you are.

The point I want to make here is that it is okay to sound the way you do. It's part of who you are. Don't be ashamed of it. Celebrate it. When people who are ashamed of how they speak keep trying to lose their accent and do so with success, you'll be unique.

Here's a little piece on dialects that I found interesting. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

How I Celebrated Turning 48

I had the week off after my birthday so I saved my celebrating until then. We took the little nieces to stay at a water park for a couple of days. Once we got back from that we took off to Louisville Kentucky to stay in an AirBNB apartment. We saw Willie Watson & Shakey Graves and then the next night, 5000 lit pumpkins in a park that equaled a 1/4 of mile. It was an awesome week. It could not have been better. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014


My grandparents, George and Lucille, taught me to love music in their living room with an old Hi-Fi and an album collection that included Jim Nabors, Jerry Wallace and Johnny Rodriguez. I don't remember my life without the soundtrack they gave it. In fact, I still have the soundtrack they gave it. Grandmother gave me all those albums I listened to growing up before she died. I could not treasure them more than I do.

Since those early days of listening to records on the old Hi-Fi I've added a few more albums to the collection that I love so much. At our house we don't listen to mainstream music. It's fine if you do. I just like discovering music for myself and sharing it with other folks.

Let me leave you with a soundtrack that you might use on a day when the sun is in the sky just right, the wind is mild and you have a good place to prop your feet up. It's a little like this:

Willie Watson - Mexican Cowboy

Shakey Graves - Roll The Bones

Kasey Chambers - A Little Bit Lonesome

Allison Moore - Softer Place to Fall

Anderson East - Expiration Date

Holly Williams - Waiting on June

Pokey Lafarge - What the Rain Will Bring

The Devil Makes Three - Stranger

Hayes Carll - Another Like You

Patty Griffin - Long Ride Home

Shovels and Rope - Gasoline

Steeldrivers - Where Rainbows Never Die

The Tallest Man on Earth - Where do my Bluebird Fly

The Wood Brothers - That's What Angels Can Do

Vintage Trouble - Gracefully

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Great Great-Grandma was a Witch

Sally was a witch. There are a few witchy stories that have floated through the room during family gatherings about times she used her witchery. Of course no one of my age ever knew her. She died long before anyone ever knew I'd be a thing.

Gosh, how I'd like to talk with her and tell her of the times that I felt like I might have inherited her witching trait. I'd ask her if being a witch like her was the reason that sometimes I know things before anyone else does. Does it have anything to do with the way I always feel like I am protected, like I have an invisible layer of insulation that keeps me from harm? Did she give this to me through her blood that still runs the veins of our family?

I'd tell her that sometimes people who have passed tell me messages for other family members like pouring thoughts into my head like they are water. I bet she would know about these things. I bet she'd know about water messages that you cannot hear but the mind takes in somehow anyway.

I can't have the conversations with her that I'd like to have but I say them to her anyway like they are prayers. I say them like they are smoke signals. Maybe some of the water words belong to her. Great Great Grandma Sally was a witch and she'd know the way to whisper to me in watery words that cannot be heard but my mind takes in somehow anyway.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

within 30 miles of my door (very photo heavy post)



We moved to Celina more than two years ago. When people ask where we live they always laugh when we tell them and then they tell us how people move out of Celina not into it. They tell us how there is nothing here and how there is no hope for that to change. Well, they do not know our people.

Our people are a people that stand together. Just ask anyone from this community that has ever had a sick family member. Just go to one benefit and see for yourself when one cake brings hundreds of dollars.

Walk out on to Pea Ridge on any warm day and you will find a welcoming porch with families ready to share a moment and tell you a few tales.

Stop in any cafe and you will be greeted by the sweetest staff ready to bring you food and a smile. Shop the numerous antique & secondhand stores with all their bits of curated collections. It's like going back in time. Head over to see Buddy and pick up some Lenny & Eva at the jewelry store. You will find there is more here than immediately meets the eye. These photos are from one day spent within 30 miles of our Celina home.

We have the Obey and the Cumberland River flowing passed miles of farmland and neighborhoods. We have Dale Hollow Lake and numerous marinas with rentals and lake access. We have the Dam, the fish hatchery and the camping area, all in one stop. We have Donaldson Park. We are home to the Seven Sister's Bluffs that can be seen by just driving through Butler's Landing.

Just outside of Celina, right down the road we also have Standing Stone Park and it's campsites and lake. The free Ferry on the Cumberland RiverDale Hollow State Park and Old Mulkey Meeting House. I cannot possibly point out all this area has to offer. We are beyond rich to live in such a beautiful place.

When people laugh and tell me that I shouldn't want to live here, I just smile because I know a secret they don't and now you know a little about it too.