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You Are Running Out of Time to Be You

  Oh, you bright screen you take the words right out of me. I know what I want to say before I begin to type. I tap the mouse, I wake up the screen and then, poof, it’s gone. I'm going to try and defy you and pull the words out that I feel so strongly. What I feel like I want to say are the things we think we can’t. For whatever reason we got the idea that our life is in the spaces between the words and not actually in the words. We got the message that we cannot say the thing, but the thing is what sets us free. If it didn’t need to be said, it would not be on the tip of our tongues and blasting in our souls like a meteor shower. If I were dying at this minute and could say one last thing, I’d say to you, please stop. That’s it, please stop. Go no further with anything that you do because you think that is what you are required to do. Someone sold us on what life should look like and we think it applies to us. How could it apply to everyone? There should not be a dedicated dia

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