Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Afraid of No

It has taken a lifetime but I have recently accepted the fact that I am afraid of NO. There are a lot of things I let pass me by because I am afraid of NO. Are you afraid of NO?

This acceptance that I am afraid of NO has lead me to look for ways I am afraid of NO and ways that I am never afraid of NO. What I determined is that I am afraid of NO when it comes to having the job I want or following the path I feel called to. I am afraid of NO when it comes to friends. I usually don't instigate outings with friends for this reason. These are the two areas of my life where NO terrifies me.

I have found numerous areas in my life when I never even consider there might be a NO. I don't worry about it with my husband, my children, my family in general.  I never worried about NO when I was dating. I just always thought if I wanted to date someone they probably wanted to date me too. I never worried about NO in school. I never worry about NO when I try something new that I really want to do. I never worry about NO when I feel like I am committed to holding something in the space of my values. NO also doesn't concern me when it comes to the things I do for fun in my off time.

Are you like me? Do you fear NO in some areas of your life but absolutely not in others? I thought so.

Here is what I propose to us all. Let's try to go at all the areas in our life like NO isn't a bother. Let us all remember that feeling of when we are not bothered by NO and as Nike would say, "Just Do It." Walk head into that fear like NO is not an option, just like when you live life in those areas where NO just doesn't play a part. We can do this YES? YES!

Sunday, June 15, 2014


If I was what I AM, I'd be the me there was before I ever knew the yous that have walked through my life. If there'd been a way to walk through all of the fires and never get burned, I'd never have forgotten who I was before the scars. I'll take the scars because without them there'd be no yous in my life. What I won't accept is that I cannot ever be the I that I was before I ever knew the yous that have walked with me. I can have it all. I'll keep the yous and somehow find the me I was before and then I will be what I AM. You love that about me.

Monday, June 2, 2014

one second of peace

I wonder at times if in the history of our world, since it's populations have grown so large, throughout all people and all places, if there has ever been just one second that there was total peace? I'd love to know there was a second of total peace in my lifetime. It's hard to imagine. It is something to strive for. If we could have one second then maybe we could also have a minute and maybe at some point a full hour and then a day. I'd be glad to make my contribution. I could fill up a bank. How about you?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Beach


Just thought I'd share a few photos from our trip to the beach. It was a short but nice trip. As usual I was glad to get home. We are terrible homebodies. We normally book and pay for time that we end up losing because we always come home early but not this time. We stayed the full time. Can you blame us? Look at what we wake up to most mornings: