Sunday, July 26, 2015

for the soul

I spent 3 wonderful nights with Dale Hollow Lake as my front yard. The first night it was only me and the B and it was perfect. It was still amazing when the others came in. That first night I sat in my hammock while it gently rocked, with a breeze blowing, sounds of the lake washing onto the bank and the man in my life who is my favorite person to be still with. I turned to him in his hammock and I said, "with everything in our world that makes us sick, the way we abuse our bodies in everyday life with bad eating, work stress and all the other things, we are healing that now." These times in our life are the way we heal our souls. Take note of those moments and really drink them in because they are important and should not be missed. I saw so many yellow butterflies this weekend. I take them as a sign the universe is telling me to pay attention and I did. I paid so much attention. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

happy awakening

I've been trying to envision the aftereffect of a worldwide awakening. How would it look? The first question to answer is what are the possibilities? What kind of an awakening could happen on a global scale? Thinking about the possibilities blows the top off of my head. I'll tell you about the awakening I'd like to see but first I need to talk about the path there.

I've tried to think of analogy and the best one I can think of involves a manicure. Sorry guys. I think you'll still get it, you've seen enough nails polished and some of you have had your own polished.

So, we are born. We are fabulous. We don't know that we can mess up. We don't know that people will disapprove of us at some point in our future. We don't understand lying, racism, speaking ill of others or about hate. We are pretty much a blank slate. We are like the nails on the tips of your fingers. We are completely unadorned by anything that impedes on our perfection.

So, life happens. It is brought into our awareness that we can mess up, that people do disapprove of us from time to time, We learn how to lie, feel bigotry, speak ill of others if we chose that and we learn to hate and be hated. Each time we learn these things we add another layer of nail polish to our once unadorned nails. Pretty soon we can't even remember what they looked like before that first layer of negativity shellacked those perfectly natural nails. As each layer is added the bond between layers gets tighter and tighter. As with real nail polish, the more layers applied, the harder it is to remove. If you want to see those awesome natural nails again you are going to have to strip those layers off and so it is with people. If you want to get back to the person you were before the world took a great big dump on you, you will have to peel back those layers of shit one at a time.

So that just happened. You've peeled back until you are just a mound of innocence and peace. You don't harbor any ill will toward anyone. You no longer see in stereotype.

If we stop seeing in stereotype then we will not believe all the preconceived ideas that certain groups of people are all one way. If that could just happened what an awakening that would be. So let's explore that.

Instead of being afraid of a person on the street that we don't know we'll assume they are just like us, innocent and peaceful. Instead of not helping our neighbor because we feel jealousy that they have something we'd like for ourselves, we'd see them in innocence and peace and want to see them filled up with everything they could possibly want. Instead of being scared of people who are different than us or that live their life different than what we know and understand, we'd see the peace and innocence in them and want to see them exceed every limit the sky can allow. There'd be a figurative rolling up of the sleeves to give aid to anyone in need and we'd do it with pure love.

Wealthy helping the poor, strong helping the weak, neighbors helping neighbors, strangers helping strangers, We'd be bonded together in love rather than being separated by all the negativity and fear in the world. If you want to talk about ushering in the next golden age, well, I think this'd do it.

We won't be able to see people without love when we see them as innocent nor will we see ourselves without love when we see ourselves as innocent.

Break free your eyes bound by fear and separation and see anew with love, compassion, peace and acceptance. It's a simple little thing really.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

that felt so good, so here's more

So yesterday I talked about enlightenment. I don't know why it took me so long. I really thought the people who knew me probably knew this is something I've sought after. Turns out, not so much. They probably thought that I was odd but just couldn't put their finger on why.

I started down this path when I was in my twenties now I'm 3 months from 49. When you've been on the road that long you figure everyone knows it and that they just don't care about jumping on for the ride. You think it's just not their thing. That still could be so or, or maybe they never knew the destination. Maybe if they knew you were going someplace that would make you better at being exactly who you are, then they might actually want some of that action.

Here is what I've learned on the path. At some point you will have an awakening. In fact, you will have many. My first was when I realized that everyone is perfect exactly as they are when you strip off what the world has taught them about who they are. We come here as such precious souls but that soon gets covered with all the times you are told no, with all the ways the world makes you feel not good enough and with all terrible ways you see people being treated. You cannot help but be influenced by all of this. It is part of being flesh and not just a soul. If you were strictly soul you'd not be affected. In your soul form you know the answers of the universe. That is why you mediate, so that you can meet in calm with your soul and open the doors to these lessons already known to soul.

My next awakening was when I learned that people are on their own path and it does not have to be like mine. We each find our own way. We are not all on the same level and that is okay too. I believe that we live many lifetimes and some souls have not been around as long as others. Naturally those older souls will have had more opportunity for learning and advancing. When you see others struggle in ways you do not understand there is a possibility that you might be a little more advanced than they are. You might be witnessing them in the process of learning lessons you've already grasped. That is why some folks cannot be helped. And that is why you allow them to go through the process of learning. Once they've mastered whatever lesson they've come here to learn they can move on to the next level in the next lifetime. It's why some souls have a short shelf life here and seem to expire before their time. In all actuality they were meant to be here exactly that short time and be a lesson for another soul or to fulfill that lifetime's short mission. The process of returning and returning also gives insight into why some children seem to be prodigies. Their soul somehow retains memories from a passed life. That is why some children seem to be born knowing a second language or are masters painters and musicians.

There is a world of info on past life. I'd start here. I'd also suggest reading Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani where she speaks about her soul leaving her body when she was near death and listening to this recording:

When you have an awakening you will feel like the master of the universe for a while and like with all things flesh, the lesson will stay but the world will work you back into it's fold. Over time even though you retain the lesson you will probably revert back to your old ways. It happens to the best of the awakened. When you are able to move forward and not revert back you are closer to obtaining enlightenment. The best you can do is always go easy on yourself. It is not easy to live here in a soul skin and you just need to be prepared for the fact that ascension is not an easy path.

If you are at all interested in what I've said here I'd suggest listening to this audio recording. Check out this short video about it:

I know this recording is very expensive on Amazon but you could do a month long subscription on Audible and get it with your credits for a lot less.

The video above is part of the Sounds True collection on YouTube. You should also check out some of their other videos. It is a great well of information.

I've gotta tell you this. If you've read any of this and it sparks something in you, you've probably already had your first awakening. It can happen just that fast.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

let's talk

I just realized that I've never spoke about this subject on my blog. It's been so long for me that I just thought everyone knew and just had no interest. I speak here often as if everyone already knows about this but this week I realized that people honestly don't know. It made me sad and happy all at the same time. I figured it was time to come out of the closet. I am talking about enlightenment.

It just didn't occur to me that so many people haven't heard the term or really don't know what it means. I'm not sure why I expect anyone to know. It is not really an idea entertained in the mainstream West and when you go down your own path things become so normal to you that you forget people aren't on the same path. I want to make it perfectly clear that I am making no claim to enlightenment. I do count myself as an awakened being and I say that with the most modest of intention. I only mention it as a tool to share this information. I do not feel like I am special in any way. Anyone can be awakened. To be enlightened is a far great accomplishment that I aspire to but not in a way that I feel any lack because I am not there.

What is enlightenment? It is a spiritual awakening that elevates one to a state that allows one to live in the now, without being effected by the lower vibrations of this world. Jesus was an enlightened being. Buddha was an enlightened being. I believe Eckhart Tolle to be enlightened. The Dalia Lama is probably also such a being.

How do you obtain enlightenment? There seems to be no specific path although meditation is often a tool used to such an end. For some it is spontaneous and for others, years of work. If you take up the task you will at some point have some sort of awakening. When it happens to you, you will not be able to go back to the way you were before. It will be pretty lonely. Especially if you are like me and live in the country surrounded by people who have never heard of this path.

There is nothing wrong with not knowing. Not knowing is a beautiful thing in it's own right. It's easier to go through life and just accept what your world teaches you. It's when you begin to wake that things get a little harder because you will not be able to accept the world has to be as you were taught it was. You will believe more in the goodness of the world but you will feel pain for the people who don't see others as equal. If you can get over that then you're on the road to enlightenment.

There are millions of people around you living mindfully. They don't talk to you about it because they feel alone on the path. They'd rather just fit in than branch out and try to pull you in. The thing with these people is that they want us to live in unity. To speak about the awakened path would make people who are not on the path feel like they are being talked down to and that is not their goal.

If you feel ready to take a leap then just google search but better than that, search you-tube videos. If you find one, it will lead you to thousands. The information on this subject is endless. I'd start with Eckhart's video. Once you dive down the rabbit hole you will be amazed at why so few people in the US know about this phenomenon. The information is literally right under your nose and because you've never heard about it, you don't know it exists.

This is also an excellent video on the subject.

You might also want to watch this movie.

I also love this short video. This part of it filled me with happiness:

"You have to allow people time, you have to allow them to be, and as you do, then you become free."

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

list of love

If I listed all the books I've listened to on the job while on the road that have blown me away I would need to start a new blog just for that purpose. I'll just make this as brief as possible for this post and maybe revisit it again later. So here we go:
Every person living needs this book. If you are still young it will give you the proper mindset to pile on future decades without feeling old. If you are older then it will wake you up to how much our mindset really effects aging and health. I just talked to a group of Seniors about some of the studies cited in this book and they enjoyed it so much I think they felt like skipping back to their apartments when it was over. 
You won't need to believe in the divine to make this work for you. If you are totally open to walk down the path laid before you, that path will show you every road you need to take and place you on it. Life is amazing that way. Also, Tosha talks about something she calls the God Box. I just call it The Box. You just toss in your worries and insecurities and forget about them knowing they will be taken care of by the unseen energy of the universe, God, the Great Mystery or whatever you want to say. You don't even have to physically put these in a box. You could just mentally see them placed in a box and you can repeat that vision when the things try to come back up again.
This book will just prove to you that what Tosha teaches in Outrageous Openness is a fact of life. In this book you will follow the author through a life led by surrender. It will amaze you. It will also make you see where surrender has worked in your own life even when you didn't notice.
If you are not blown away and changed by Anita's story then I'll be blown away. It is such an amazing story of healing and self-love. 

What have you been reading/listening to? Anything life altering?

Friday, July 3, 2015

Fear Not

What was there in the mind of man that took him to the crusades to ravage his brothers and sisters? What makes a man burn innocent women at the stake while calling them witches? What makes a man put on a white hood to enslave, castrate, burn, hang, beat, drag and torture people and also continue to burn churches when there's a call for equality? What makes a man hold up a sign that says "God Hates Fags"? What makes people go to Facebook to post their need to embrace a flag that is used by hate groups as their calling card? What makes people take to Facebook to let the world know how tortured they are that same sex couples finally have a ruling that makes them a little more equal?

In my twenties I walked out of the last church that I ever entered for worship and I plan on never returning again. I know you all think that I've not been to the right church. I know that you think that church is all about love and that's how your church is. I have sat in numerous churches and I've never once sat in one that, on any given Sunday, did not pick out one of the ways that the Bible says men are failing and tell us how we can unfail. So, depending on the fail of the moment, someone in the room will be called out for falling short. Someone will be made to feel like they are not worthy of sitting there unless they come forward and confess to their imperfections. That's not love folks. That is fear. That is fear planted in the mind of man.

Let me tell you what I've grown to know for sure since I no longer live in that kind of fear. I know that if there is a God and if there is a Lord I am loved because I breath just like I love my own children. Because they are mine and there is not a flaw in them that can ever take away their brilliance. I know if I can love so purely in my mere mortal skin then surely any sort of Omnipotent Being can love that way as well. If God can't love like a simple little human then I have no use for God. It's not asking a lot to believe in deities who can love purely. It;s not much to ask of them to not need our fear. It's not asking much of them not to need worship or for them not to be jealous. Those are traits of man. God should be above the traits of men.

I'm writing this post begging you to look to your own hearts for what you know is right. Look to your hearts to know that words in a book written by men with a need to assert control over their people have nothing to do with you and your heart. You can love your people, handling them with care and equality. As a parent if I can feel the want to see this in our world then surely God does. If there is a God surely he is crying because he has become so twisted in our hearts and minds that people take to destruction in his name rather than building each other up. The sad thing about this post is that even reading it will fill you with fear. You may even leave this post, written from a place of pure love for my fellow man, with a new found fear of me and my thoughts. Fear is not love my friends. Fear is not love. Go into the world with LOVE not fear.When you do, breathing will become easier. Stars will shine brighter. Hearts will fill with warmth. Beauty will be boundless.