In our house we don't hold to gender roles. We both do what feels right to us. Bryan is a more nurturing person by nature and I am more of warrior and would go down in flames to protect my family. If you break into our home, I'm probably the one meeting you at the door with the baseball bat and he is the one who will offer you a Band-Aid when I'm done. He loves to cook, I don't. I love fixing things so before we call the repair man, you can bet I'll be googling a fix and trying to tackle the repair myself. We aren't special and I know you know that is not what I'm saying. I think through the trials of life, we have figured what suits our own soul and peace of mind. So, rather than try to be something because it's what the world expects of our gender, we do it our way. It makes it so much easier to love and be loved when you learn to accept a person for who they really are and not what you think they should be.


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