more mechanics of manifesting


Gosh, I think I’m finally seeing it. “It,” that thing they tell you and it sounds like you get it but really don’t. I’ll try to explain. I only thought I knew about manifestation and the mechanics of how it works and then, slap in the metaphorical face, I didn’t totally get it.

I spoke about the mechanics here. I stand by everything in that post but now I want to add a little sumpin’ sumpin’.

If you follow the path, I laid out in that post from 7 years ago, you’ll see it works but here is some fairy dust to sprinkle on it. Think about the thing you want and do all of the things in that post about imagining it into existence and then think about someone who has what you want. Examine how you feel about that person. Do you think they are different than you? Do you think they know something you don’t? Do you think they deserve more? Do you think life isn’t fair, you got a raw deal, and everything fell into their lap? If you said yes to one of those questions it will be harder to manifest anything. You must believe you can have and deserve to have what you want. 

Now visualize yourself as that person that didn’t know that until now but that you do know it now. Realize that no one is perfect, we all make mistakes, and you deserve all the good in the world. Stand up a little straighter. Walk a little taller. Just know, wanting what you want is a form of letting the universe know and that she has your back and is 100 of steps ahead of you on cultivation your thing. It’s already on its way and when you believe you are worthy of it, you’ll be able to see it and not let it pass you by like it may have 1000 times already.


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