Sunday, December 4, 2016

hello again

When we woke after election day our house was a quiet calmness like you get after you are in a violent car accident that finally stopped. When the motion of the accident finally ends you have a moment when you have to survey the damage and it is that moment where you still have a second before you know if there is any blood, any bones sticking out or if you are in fact still alive. I know so many of you know exactly what I’m talking about but still many of you just think I should get over it. I don’t think any of us is wrong. I think we are all just programmed. Obviously not all us run off the same program. We may take our code from different places but when compared they are indistinguishable.

I don’t know when it all started or who started it but it is obvious that we are kept in line by the ideas we are drawn to. I call myself a liberal and you may call yourself a conservative. With only that noted we are separated. There is a line drawn. You are on your side unable to see the world from my perspective and I am on my side unable to see your perspective as well. Who gains from this? The people who have the money to rule the world and though we think we have some control when we march to the poll and cast our ballets neither of us wins. How? How does this always happen?

Abortion will not be overturned, no guns will be taken away, jobs will not be brought back, coal mining will still be over, new wars will not bring us safety, new gun laws will not be enacted, women will still not be equal, police will still be allowed to murder in the streets and live the rest of their lives free, pipelines will still go into the ground at the risk of clean water and earth, war will never end and peace will never prevail.

What will happen is that we will keep fighting about it while thinking­­ that our side is right. We will still be confused at who the true enemy is, thinking that it is each other. Do you ever wonder why that is?

Our life is filled with programming everywhere we look. It is all over the web, the TV, the newsstands, going in our eyes, ears and coming out our mouths. I mean where did we get the idea that abortion should be mandated by politics? Well, they told us it should. I’ve got news for ya, if you think it will ever be outlawed you are probably wrong. It has been decided and that probably will not change. It’s your programming that makes you believe this should be something you weigh when you vote. It is also my programming that makes me believe that women have the right to choice because my politicians tell me this should be something I use to weigh a candidate’s ability to satisfy what I believe. If they do something about abortion, then we might finally get on the same side and no one wants that. Same with guns. If they really do something about guns, again we might get on the same side.

So this is how they do it. We think we have 2 choices. We think these things matter because we are programmed that way because of the choices we make regarding what we want to hear. The internet is made to accommodate your choices. It literally picks up what you are interested in hearing and it keeps feeding you more of it. It is almost impossible to get another perspective other than your own. I can look for queen-sized headboard once and the right side of my screen will begin to show me queen-sized headboards from every store on the web until I start searching for something else and then that thing will take over. Surely you’ve noticed this.

There have been movies and TV shows made to paint the picture of these smoke and mirrors. A couple of examples are The Matrix and currently the show Westworld on HBO. We are like machines being programmed to do the bidding of those who want to remain in charge.

So what can we do about all this? We could start to look at the ways we are programmed by society and realize we are all the same. We are not enemies. We need to find a way to hold each other up and come together with love and compassion. I’m not sure I know anything after that but if we do all come together we can figure it out together.