Sunday, October 30, 2016

So What If I'm Allergic

Back in the summer we decided to take home a pretty little puppy. I'm allergic and have to wash up after every time I pet him but I have to say, we are in love with this crazy guy. His name is Merle Haggard and he was born in June. He has made a hole in near every hoodie B has. It's his way of kissing. He is a tiny, and I mean tiny, bit better with me maybe because he can see how frantic I look when he comes at me. He means well. Never thought I love the little dude like I do. Just wanted to share him with you.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Hello Soul - an introduction of sorts

I know this is way too long but if you have 20 minutes, a glass of wine, a fire to sit by either in your fireplace or on your TV screen and a blanket to snuggle with it might be something you would enjoy. If you take the time, then, thanks for watching. Get ready for more to come.


Sunday, October 9, 2016

stop drop and roll cause this shit is on fire.

I’m trying to get out of this societal debate but my heart isn’t that open yet. Sorry!

I will start by saying that I know so many awesome men in this world that get that women are equal to men. I’m not talking to those people. You know if this is meant for you or not.

Women are not receptacles for the male penis. We are humans the same as you men. We have our own opinions the same as you. We are the owners of our bodies the same as you. And we are not here to make sure you are serviced in anyway. If you believe we are then you need to leave the cult you are part of. You can believe a wrong thing and that is definitely a wrong thing.

“Locker room banter” is not a good thing. Let’s not pretend this is innocent. It’s that exact banter that guarantees that women will continue to be objectified by men in the most horrific ways and it will be excused by people who see that banter as innocent. When your child son hears women talked about in this way then you cultivate these same views in them. It’s not masculine. I know you think it is but it is not. It is cowardice. If you weren’t a coward, you wouldn’t fall the way of those around you. You’d be strong and stand for what is right. Not because you have a mother, not because you have a wife, not because you have a daughter and not because you have a sister. You’d do it because you are a strong person who does not fear the power of the female and you would do it because you lack the need to appear manly. A strong man can set himself apart from the mainstream. A weak man follows the pack.

If you do not stand up for women, you are weak.

If you are a woman that defends “locker room banter” then something has made you believe your place in this world is small and you’ve been taught to believe that you are at the mercy of men. You are an enabler of the male dominated culture.

Young men are watching. They are seeing how people react to this situation and they are learning. That is the good that will come out of all this.

I have a dream that one day people like this will be the ones filling the jails instead of being propelled to dominance. When white men continue to have total control of this world “They're not sending their best. They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems to us. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists." Some of them speak from firsthand experience.

after note: I wanted to add this link I found on 10/10/16 that also speaks to this.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

An Open Heart

I wrote a piece for Facebook that I didn’t want in this space. I intentionally kept it off this blog because I want to step away from politics and bring this space back to its purpose. I had a few last words about the election that I felt were important to say and I wanted to say them before I get to the work that is in front of me. That thing doesn’t go with this thing. I’m trying to start fresh here but my human side wouldn’t just let it go first. We will call it an ego problem. I’m honest if I’m anything.

So having said all that I want to point out that I am just like you. I am a work in progress. I don’t know what the end result of that progress will be in this lifetime. What I hope to achieve is an open heart.

I don’t have to tell you all the ways prejudice effects my progress. If you’ve read here, you know. I am intolerant of intolerance. I abhor ignorance. It has always been important to me to know for myself. The thought of formal education feels murderous to my soul. It is hard for me to accept that others are not like that. It is hard for me to accept that people will walk through life blindly without trying to find truth for themselves. But then again what is truth? My conversations have always been short with anyone that does not share my values. I’ve felt it a waste of my time to get to know these people. I know you all know this about me. It is my cross. The thing is I want to do something about all this.

I’m here to suggest that we all examine our prejudices and be honest with ourselves. You don’t have to share what they are like I did but you have to be very frank about them with yourself. I think if we all do this we will be able to do something that has never been done. We can all open our hearts and face one another with love and welcome.

Prejudice is manmade. It isn’t a real thing. What is prejudice? It is just what it says. Prejudgment. Not one person alive ought to judge the soul of another but we do it all day. We all walk our own paths. We all fight our own demons. We all are damaged in some way. It is the human condition. If we didn’t judge the souls of others and we saw the beauty in those around us, the witness to that beauty might be all a soul needs to bring it forward and let it lead. That includes all manner of people, those thought both good and evil. We cannot know because this is not what we do.

How many times in a day, a week or a month have you truly opened your heart to another person? How many times have you looked at others without any judgment? How many times have you met a person and automatically recognized them first for the brilliance of their soul? How many times have you looked at the people in your family and just accepted them exactly as they are without any feeling that you need to change them? This is your family we are talking about and I bet you cannot say never even to that.

If you are down to try a little experiment with me, here’s what we will do for the next week:

1.       Smile at every stranger and in the quiet of your mind, just say to them, Hello Soul.

2.       Do not prejudge a single soul. Not those you know. Not those you meet this week. Not those who you know have done terrible things and also those you know who have done awesome works. Just don’t judge them either way.
3.       Forgive yourself for whatever you feel you need forgiveness for and don’t take it back.
4.       Send love to the people of the world you do not personally know. Send it to those you both agree & disagree with and to those you don’t know either way because you don’t know their reputation at all.
5.       Think on the people who you feel have wronged you and send them love like beams of light straight to their hearts.
6.       If you cannot do #5 do this meditation:
Imagine you are walking to a playground and as you walk you get younger and younger until you are about 4 years old. Imagine yourself playing with your friends and other children that you do not know. Now for a second think about those people who you cannot send love to. Picture now that they are walking towards you on the playground and as they get closer they get younger and younger until they are also 4 years old. Now spend some time watching them play. See their innocence. See their childlike perfection that has yet to become a person who in the future might hurt you. Now think about people you have hurt in your past and see them walking towards you growing smaller as they get closer. Now you all play together. Think about that time when you were all innocent with no intent to hurt anyone and yet we all have. None of us have made it through life causing zero harm to others. We are all just innocent children on a playground wanting to just be loved as we are. Now join hands with everyone on the playground and walk yourself back to the present. Try to keep this innocence with you.
7.       Try as hard as you can to just give love for this one week. Forget about why you feel any sort of judgment against any person or any group of people. Doesn’t matter what they’ve done or what you think they might do.
8.       Every time you fall off this love wagon just remember to get back on. I know just like you, I will be falling off a lot and having to saddle back up. I am going to give it my all and I hope you will too.
9.       This week I turn 50 and this is the gift I’m giving to myself. I’ll be happy to accept the same gift from you.

Let the games begin and the hearts start to open.

The light within me salutes the light within you.