Wednesday, March 18, 2015

the untruths

There are times in our life when not getting what we want becomes our story. This came up a couple of times on Monday and that prompted me to write about it here. One of those times Monday was reading this post on The Sacred Science. The other was talking to someone I know. If I think about it, this seems to come up a lot in everyday life only like Shannon, sometimes you don't see it right away.

We paint what we want on our brain and we can see the picture of it so perfectly. We know exactly every detail of our picture. The problem with this is that when the thing we want comes our way we dismiss it because it didn't look exactly like the picture we painted in our mind. In  a case like that, you painted a picture that might not be your truth. 

You may have told yourself a story that was untrue. You didn't mean to. You just wanted what you want so badly that you overlooked the times when it came to you. I've done it myself. I almost did that with Bryan. Thank goodness I saw the error of my ways before he got tired of waiting. 

How do we tell ourselves the untrue stories? Because we only know the version we write on our minds. We don't have the thing we want so we can only imagine what it would be like to have it. We don't have perspective to go on. Sometimes we may oversell the thing we want in our minds but we might even undersell how good it would be to have it. We keep looking for the perfect match to our version of the story instead of having faith that what we get will be the perfect fit even if it doesn't match what we thought. 

I want to present an example of what I'm talking about. In love we think we know exactly what we want, never realizing there might be something better because we cannot picture something we don't know exists. In my relationship with Bryan, I'd been through every sort of relationship known to man and anyone I'd encountered like him in the past I'd let go because the relationship was outside what had been my normal. The men I dated didn't really care about who I was. They only cared about how I could shapeshift to make them happy. I dated a few men that didn't treat me like that but they always seemed too nice to me. I grew so used to being with people who didn't love me like I was that when I found people who did, I didn't know how to react. I quickly pushed them away out of fear. Then I'd find another person who treated me the way I'd grown comfortable with. In the case with Bryan I realized my pattern and decided to stick it out just to see where it went even though I wasn't sure. I finally found someone who loved me for me even though I didn't realize that was something I had been missing. The picture of my life partner turned out to be better than the one I had painted on my mind. As soon as I stopped looking around him to see what was coming next I finally saw him standing there being exactly what I needed.

You may have told yourself a story that is untrue. Think about how you could tell yourself a better story or be open to the one that shows up.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Lenny and Eva

Lenny and Eva seems to have taken over the world. So, I'm probably not sharing anything new by posting this. Well, just in case you've never heard of the company, now you have. It's a homegrown company and we are so proud that it is a part of our community here in the Upper Cumberland.

My love for Lenny and Eva started when Kellie asked to do a season's shoot at our house when we lived in Cookeville.

She was so kind to gift me with so many pieces just for sharing our home for the shoot. She was beyond generous and that's probably another reason why she continues to have so much success with her line. This girl won me with all her kindness. After that I was hooked. Not to mention that it's just so darn easy to love. Even though she gave me so much product I still buy myself new pieces all the time and it's my go to when I'm gift giving to the girls in my life.

I love their products and there is something for everyone. My style is a bit tomboy and it suits me perfectly. They have a lot of items that are girly as well. Imagine everything between those to points and they have that too. I love that, without fail, they always manage to grow the line every season. Just when you think they have thought of it all then they do something new.

I also find bits and bobbles on etsy that easily mix with the different types of cuffs and bracelets. You can see that in my photos. There are no rules. You can mix it up however you like.

My father-in-law sells the brand at his store, Thompson's Jewelry and Gifts in Celina. If you are around and want to check it out in person they'll be happy to help you.

Friday, March 13, 2015


We are close to a month in trying to start a studio. I'm losing excitement at this point. When we first started I just felt a flood of energy surging through my body, like little butterflies racing up and down my spine. I wish I could have kept that childlike enthusiasm but it was fleeting. We've had bad/cold/wet weather. paint that wouldn't dry, sickness (3 times this year already), Sky needing the truck when we needed the truck, only being able to work there after my real job, tons of waiting on the people in the space before us as well as the person we are renting from and so much cleaning just to get ready to paint.

Over the passed weekend we went by to drop off some things and it was so muddy and the neighbor 4 doors down has decided to put up a rebel flag in the window. That broke my heart. We plan on inviting Kenlee's Girl Scout troop in for crafts and I hate that everyone has to drive by that low vibration eye sore. Did I mention those renters seem to be a band using their space for practice and that they are so loud they seem like they are on the other side of the wall instead of having 3 spaces between us? I hope it is not a total bust like it is starting to feel.

I have such passionate plans. I really do. I want to have nights for meditation, movies, crafts, energy healing, personal storytelling, music and just hanging out. I want to put out signup sheets for hiking trips, biking trips and kayak trips. I just want it to be a space for anyone to come that needs a little calm, peace and sharing in their life. I feel like if I went to the band playing 4 doors down and told them that is why I need them to keep the volume down they'd probably turn it up. Hopefully I'm wrong. I've lost sleep thinking about that conversation.

I really need some good energy sent my way. If you have any to spare keep me, this space and the people who will use it in mind. It will be appreciated.

I think just putting this out there has already helped me to feel better.

Get ready. There will be some photos coming up of how it all came together. I'm anxious to see them myself, since I'm still sitting here nowhere near done and knowing I haven't even been there since last Saturday. I'm happy that right at this moment I feel well enough to get down to it. That was not the case early on this week. So, some things are looking up. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

are we doing it all wrong?

What if we have been doing it all wrong? What would doing it right look like?

Do you think that your desire to obtain an object, find your right path or find a certain level of success is enough to finally make those things come true at some point in your life? Do you think if you could find the right life balance, right combination of skill & effort, meet the right people or live long enough you'll surely get what you want. In all that you do to reach your goal, do all of your thoughts center on hope that you'll find a way? That's the way I've always done it.

What if we went the way of the wizard? What if we went through each day working, living. loving but knowing that thing we want already exists in time? We will have it as soon as we stop thinking it's a goal and not reality. There are no right combos of effort or balance to be obtained to get us the result we want. What if we just had to live life to the fullest, being happy exactly as we are, knowing that goal will materialize because it's waiting for us once we let go and live right now? I'm not saying you shouldn't put effort toward what you want. You have to. I'm saying to change the way you look at it while working your way there. Instead of expending all of our energy to what the future will bring, we can use it to live in the present. What if the only thing holding us back from our goals is the energy we create with our thoughts of lack? By thinking only on not having, we create an energy of not having that the universe rises up to meet. It answers our idea of needing to obtain by always giving us something to obtain rather than just handing over the keys. Again:

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.“ ― Buddha

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.“ ― Proverbs 23:7(KJV) 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

untuck for you, not for me

I see you guy with the tightly tucked in shirt. You had your launderer starch that thing didn't ya? You didn't go for starch because it feels great to wear that way but because someone might judge you down at the office if you came in with a wrinkle. I've got news for you. The only person who will judge you are the other starched, tucked in shirt guys and ladies. No one else cares. The comfortable shirt guys are not wondering what anyone thinks. That's why they can get away with wearing the comfortable shirt. Look, I've tried hanging with you both and I have to say, the comfortable non-tucked guy knows how to be happy. You can wear a comfy shirt. Hey, it might even save your life.

I love this scene from the Break-up and it's a perfect illustration of the two shirt guys:

Gary Grobowski: You want to go get a drink? No.
Brooke Meyers: I'm with somebody, sorry.
Gary Grobowski: Who? The guy with the tucked-in shirt and the visor? What, is that like a brother? The guy was not your brother, then.
Brooke Meyers: He's not my brother.
Gary Grobowski: Who is this guy? Who's this... I'm getting mad now. I'm jealous. Who is this guy?
Brooke Meyers: Who are you?
Gary Grobowski: I don't know. I'm kidding with you. Who's the guy with the tucked-in stuff? Is that a boyfriend?
Brooke Meyers: It's...I'm going.
Gary Grobowski: Do you think you'll marry him? Cause I know you've thought about it. The first time you laid eyes on him, you probably thought, I wonder if I could marry this guy in plaid shorts who tucks his shirt in. Then when you kissed him, you said, I can't believe it. I had a lot to drink tonight. I'm kissing the tucked-in guy. My point is, if you're not gonna marry him...and if it's not forever, then you really don't have anything to lose in taking me up on my offer.
Brooke Meyers: Well, I'm gonna go.
Gary Grobowski: Okay. Me, too. To where? On an ice-breaking first date?