Monday, May 28, 2018


Olive and Rose
Jason Rydquist
David Salafia
oleg andreev
Today I was laying in my loft and I looked over and saw this movie by  staring back at me. That took me back to Olive and Rose and Flickr. I remember them writing about the long period where no one speaks in the movie and I wish I could be as poetic as they were about it but I've lost all they said now except for the feeling they gave me about artistry.

These two used to have a Flickr account together and that was mesmerizing. There was a video of just a phone swinging in a bank of phones on the edge of a fairground and it seemed both mysterious and sexy at the same time. That was their art. You can still find them out there but I won't point you to them because honestly I wouldn't want it to lead them back here where my words would be a failed attempt at telling you how they mastered telling a story, being mysterious and drawing you in. That is what good art does. It makes you feel even if you don't know what that feeling is or why it makes you feel the way you do. Somehow, I kinda think that if you cannot know exactly what it does to you but that it does something, thats some of the best art. 

So the thought of Olive and Rose took me to flickr to find them again and what I found has depths of layers  I have no interest in but could still not look away. But it did get me on Flickr looking at my favs and the way I saved other peoples photos back in the day and that just woke all of humanity in my brain. The photos I saved mostly seem like the world ended, you are the last person alive and you are going from house to house looking at photobooks and taking in how the world was and how people live. If you got a good bit of time, go over and look. It will make you feel connected. Here is the link. Remember you can click the slideshow button on the top right by the arrow so you don't have to scroll if you don't want to.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Scavenger Hunt 2018

10 Things on 1 Day in Kentucky from SoulPony on Vimeo.

I'm very sad that this trip ended with not being able to save the full story from Instagram live. I didn't want to lose the whole day so I recorded it from B's phone to mine. It's terrible quality but I did learn a great lesson here. We also forgot to photograph a few things so we had to take them from a video capture. We'll get 'em next time. So here are the photos in no order at all: