Thursday, March 24, 2016

could it be the season?

I am, for the most part, feeling very in my essence and almost like the world is made for me. Around every little corner there is a sweet surprise. How could one not love that. There are still moments that overwhelm me if  I let them but leaving winter behind makes them all way more palatable.

If I've never told you, I really appreciate those of you who take time to come by here and share this journey with me. I also appreciate those of you who never come here to read but still share my journey in real time. You all make my world so much brighter.

It's that time of year that we are all just so ready to drink in the world and be drunk on it's beauty.

Please take time after you read this to sit for a brief moment. Close your eyes and visualize rainbows of light from infinity streaming into your head and washing through your body and expanding out from your entire body until it encompasses the entire world and all it's inhabitants. Feel your connection to all living beings while wishing them perfect love. Then pull that light back to your heart until your heart is filled and all of the light is held completely in your heart. Now, with a beautiful blue paint, mentally paint the opening shut to your heart that the light went into. Watch the shine of the light get smaller and smaller until it's only a pin point and continue until it is completely shut. Know that you walk with the love and light of the universe inside you.

Love and light to you, YoU special sOuL.