Tuesday, October 31, 2017

5 magic minutes

Monday, October 30, 2017

up is down and down is up

I try to have a thing figured out before I post about it but I'm not sure I'll ever get to the bottom of this. The thing I'm talking about is the great divide. You're either left or you are right, few fall in the middle. I've always leaned left. Well, not even lean, I'm totally all in and not about to compromise left. I see all the people who look at the world so different than me and I look at where they get their information and to me it seems insane that they cannot see through the kind of hate they spread when they exclude other groups. I see a lot of exclusion going on over there and I just cannot be part of it. I'm not even trying to bash people who don't agree with me. I'm just putting it out there like it is in my head and I'm being honest about it. That is all. Please don't stop reading here though cause I might take this in a direction you may not expect.

I take in so much information all the time from so many sources and so many different ideas and ways of being that sometimes, it borders on falling off the edge. I subscribe to Gaia TV and it is a hub of about any seemingly crazy idea you can dream up. Imagine anything and you can probably find it on Gaia. Be it aliens, ancient aliens, JFK conspiracy, secret space programs, meditation, healing, afterlife, pyramids, sacred geometry, earth energy grid, etc. it's all there. Am I suggesting you look into it? No I am not. It will only serve to confuse you as it has me. There are people on there, scientists, astronauts, CIA, journalist, Air Force, NASA, I'm talking high ranking people, who say they know for sure that there are aliens and that they are in and out of our atmosphere on a daily basis. And these people claim that there is a secret space program literally underground that no one knows about where our government is in contact with these aliens. They say that there are space stations all over the dark side of the moon that we fly into and out of all the time. Whether you lean towards believing or not believing (I'm in the latter camp) it can still make you feel crazy just knowing this stuff is out there somewhere. 

So, here's why I even bring any of this up. I cannot figure out what sort world we are really working with. Do we have people on the right convincing their people that they are 24/7 in danger, need a gun and that everyone is their enemy and wants their tax dollars so they can lay back and never have a job. Then we've got the other side where our enemy is global warming, people on the right that exclude anyone not like them, and wealthy people who want to take away any chance we have to help those whose survival depends on getting help. And still there is this other thing where there seems to be some conspiracy to cover any ancient knowledge that could advance civilization. I don't know where to fall anymore. On the one hand I want to turn off Gaia and never think of any of that stuff again but then there are people on there of such high ranking, saying absolute insane things and I cannot understand why they would say these things and risk looking like one flew over the cuckoo's nest, unless it were true. 

The only thing I can figure is this. People put ideas into the world to make money. They sell conservative shit to the conservatives not because it is true but because people are thirsty for it and it will make money. Others sell liberal shit to the liberals because they need to think that the world needs saving and that they are gonna be the ones who save it. The far out there shit like Gaia, sell their ideas to what's left because there is a market for that. They really have all the bases covered. Meanwhile, here we all are, confused, separate and lost at how to move forward. I'm not saying there might not be some basis for some of what we feel but all of it still could be a product they are selling and we are buying. If we all start getting along and loving each other there isn't much of a market for that. It is way easier to sell ideas to keep people separate. If we all were somewhat on the same page we wouldn't go out looking for answers and buying up the ones that seem to support what we already believe. 

So I'm not really sure why I decided to write this but when you read it and look at it from your own lens and twirl it with your own experience, maybe you'll be able to write along with me and help me figure out how we can come together in a place where there is no market for separation. Cause baby, separation is high on the stock exchange in this world we live in right now and I think we need to stop buying shares.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

I am about to blow your effin' mind

I had a brilliant conversation with a new friend of mine this morning. I swear to Santa and other holiday fictional entities of both Easter and Tooth, that if you could have a twin by another mother he would be mine. We talked about all the stuff we don't tell everyone because we still have a tiny grain of needing to appear sane. I mean it's tiny but it is there.

Here are a few things I want to share with you and maybe I've touched on some of it before but I just want to make this post a micro encyclopedia of this type of thing. I'm just going to post a few videos and then I'll do a very small wrap-up at the end. Don't skip down. You need to immerse yourself these experiments first.

Here's the water crystal discovery:

Here is the rice experiment:

Tom Shadyac talks briefly about the experiment he was part of in his Docu "I AM" You can see the entire thing at that link.
Here is the video where Myth Bustersa tried to debunk this.

and this:

And one last thing. Here are some singing plants:

Now here is my little take on it all but really more of a question to you:

Friday, October 27, 2017

Vanilla Isis

I recently read an article about the recruiting of white Nationalist/new KKK. It appears that they are recruiting by appearing to be separate from obvious hate groups. They are billing their group as a home for young white men that they brainwash into thinking they are part of a disenfranchised group. Yes, white men are sold that they are a marginalized group and they actually believe it. As I've said here before, imagine what it would be like if they actually were as marginalized as they make others who are unlike them. This makes them appear to be the snowflakiest of all snowflakes. 

The other thing this group is doing is trying to blend in with their group uniform. Now it’s khakis and polo shirts instead of hoods and robes. Between the brainwashing and the new uniform, it makes it easy to see how one might be recruited while still believing they aren’t a part of what they actually are a part of. That is effin’ scary.

If you think about the more international hate groups like Isis or the Taliban, you can see that this new Nationalist movement isn’t much different. They recruit innocent young men with promises of being a part of protecting a way of life they think is important or are brainwashed into thinking it’s important. Then these young men line up to do the bidding of this group that makes them feel part of something important. Then they head out in a truck and drive it into a crowd and kill.

If you don’t think this is a thing and that these people aren’t being brainwashed with the most ludicrous ideas to turn them against peace loving people, read this article and then think about a man that is part of a hate group killing his father for calling him a Nazi. He actually thought he was the good guy and was enraged by being called exactly what he was because he doesn’t believe that he is that.

This is where we are folks and it ain’t pretty.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Be Your Own Effin' Neo the Video

This is the video companion to the last blog post. Now you have a choice. You can read it or watch it.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

You Don't Need Neo, You Can Be Your Own Effin' Neo

I remember watching The Matrix the very first time. I knew that story symbolically so well I could have written it. I had already begun seeing the "code" and I felt like I was Neo. I know that sounds so lofty, I ain't no fool to that but it is how I felt. I'd been a part of that world that embraced every idea of how to be a good little girl, wife and mother. I'd also got sick of being the idea of that and I shatter my place in it all and then I lived to see the other side. I felt like I was a much better person after I stopped trying to be one. I was real. I was authentic. I wasn't looking over my shoulder thinking someone would figure out that I'd played at something I wasn't. I also didn't worry what they'd think of the change. I didn't care. That was their thing and this was mine.

A few weeks back I was listening to Oprah's SuperSoul podcast with Iyanla Vanzant. The two were speaking of the first time they read A Course in Miracles. They recalled how scared they were of what God would think of them reading this book and how he might strike them with lightening before the end of the next day. Oprah said she was so afraid she just wanted to get it out of her house. I remember having the same feelings the first time I entertained that I might have been mislead. I knew without a doubt that I did not know the truth of this world but I was so scared to finally turn my back on everything I'd been taught. This is intentional in the teachings. It is a genius act to set up a system to control people and then set up within that system that you cannot question it without sacrificing your soul. Even Oprah, a lady who has had access to every well known guru of this century, was too afraid to have a book in her house that questioned the old belief system she grew up in. Genius. It's effin' genius. This country could not be more ensnared in this trap if they tried to be.

What do we know? We know exactly what we have been taught. I can count on my hands the people I've know in my life that have the strength to open their eyes and judge and learn for themselves what the world is. I raised two of them in my house so that doesn't leave a lot of people.

We open our mouths at birth for nourishment at a time when we are unable to resist what is being fed to our fragile bodies and from there on out we keep swallowing it down and never ever judge for ourselves if it truly nourishes us.

We listen to our families and see them respond and that's how we learn the rules. We go to school in a rigid environment where adults who learned about the world the same way we did, tell us the rules and who marginalize our differences and try to get us all to march to the same standards no matter our talents or uniqueness. It's not their fault. It's just part of the system that keeps us enslaved to mediocrity. Our teachers grew up in the same system and so did our parents. And now it's your turn.

Think back to all of the movies and tv shows that you watched growing up. You weren't only taught what the standards are in the system by the people who influenced you growing up, you also saw it all over your tv and now you see it all over the internet. We are enshrined in a system that wants us all to be the same. I can count it back to the first memories I have. I can also count it back to the first tv shows I ever loved.

Leave it to Beaver had the mom happily homemaking in pearls and heels for her family. Gilligan's Island had a clear line drawn down the middle between the abilities of the women and men. Girls bake pies and boys fight off headhunters. Girls are fragile and shallow and men are strong and smart. We watched women try to fend off advances from men only to give in if the man persisted. We also watched them try to fight off men but then give in once the man slapped their face, making it appear that this ignited passion and ultimately change their minds. That has never happened to me and if it did, a slap would only make me want out of the situation more. No wonder men are confused.

And no wonder women are confused. Until later in the last century women had been spoon fed being submissive, with no capacity for scientific or mathematical study, being without basic rights that men have always had and of a gender group that had no real voice in the world. Every idea and method that has been used to hold women down has been reinforced politically, socially, religiously and in a lot of ways, they still are today. It is the reason that even after the current president was heard to talk about women in such a nasty way, many of them still voted for him. In the minds of these women they heard him talk about women in a way that they felt was so common that it set off zero alarms in them. They are used to being marginalized and these women believed the role of being a woman puts them in a place where being spoken of in that sort of way was both expected and normal.

Think back to any show you loved growing up and look for the propaganda used to make you stay in your role. This may not have be intentional but maybe just a mirror held up against how society operates. Think back to anything an adult ever taught you and you will see the effects of this. They taught you what they were taught to believe. At this point no one knows truth. It's why I abhor looking out on a golf course at a bunch of white men wearing polo shirts and Bermuda shorts. Anytime there is a uniform involved in an activity it is from fear. They are afraid of bucking the system. They do not realize they can wear anything they want. The whole idea of a country club is like an institution built on and for the system. To be included in this club is a mark that you have bought all the way into the system. It's a bit of insanity.

There are some of you reading this right now and you are afraid just like Oprah was. It will be okay. If you take one step towards questioning the system, the cogs will start to fall apart, the machine will break down and you will stop buying in. When you see the truth you won't be able to go in reverse and unsee it. So, once the door is open you won't be able to close it back. Entertain every idea no matter how crazy and then you can decide for yourself that maybe it is crazy or maybe it's not at all. Up till now you've believed in some batshit crazy stuff. If you've been able to entertain those ideas your whole life, you can open the door a little wider and study on other things that might just seem crazy right now. You have to make yourself a little uncomfortable for the sake of progressing in life. If you only do what is comfortable you may as well stay on the couch and continue being programmed. If you weren't made to be unique why the hell were you born? If we are only going to be a copy and not an original then we may as well be programmed robots.

To come back to A Course in Miracles, it asked you to give every detail another look and try seeing without the definitions you were given of what a thing is and just try to see what the thing is for yourself. Most people will never think to do this and the suggestion of it scares them to death just like it did Oprah. If so many others can start to see the world through fresh eyes and decide for themselves what is right and wrong then you can too. Your fear is the only thing holding you back. It's sounds crazy to say but it is true. The line that separates you from ignorance is so fine it could be cracked like glass wall. You don't have to even break through the glass wall, just walk up to it for a second and look at what's on the other side.

If this all sounds cuckoo to you and nothing else you've believed up until this post has seemed crazy then you don't know what crazy is. You only know what people tell you crazy is. Since you were born someone has told you what a thing is and now I'm asking you to think and look and learn for yourself what it is.

Everything you think you know is a portrait painted by everything and everyone that has influenced your life. Paint over it and start all over. This time do it your way. Don't believe a single soul when they try to tell you what to paint. Don't even believe me. Just make sure it comes from your soul and not from outside influence.

If you want to be happy and stop feeling like you don't know who you are this is the way. You don't know YOU because the YOU in there got covered up with the camouflage the world gave you to wear so that you would fit in and not make waves. They don't even know when they do it because the code was already written when they arrived and they've lived it their whole lives. That is what is real to them even though it is the opposite of what is real. Don't wait on someone to decipher the code for you so that you can be free. You can be your own effin' Neo.

5 Magic Minutes

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

5 Magic Minutes

Why do we all feel the need to be a bunch of hateful assholes?

Sunday, October 1, 2017

is this just being an adult...cause if it is i don't like it

Come along with me for a minute and lets go back in time to when we were young and dumb. It seems like a much better time than now. I'm not sure it was but it feels like it was when I check in with my heart while remembering it. Have you seen the Member Berries on South Park? Well let's do a little Member Berries montage of our own.

  • Member when you rode off on your bike in the morning and returned later and no one had sent out a search party?
  • Member when the things you watched on TV were silly and meaningless?
  • Member when you kinda liked most people and didn't ride away judging your every interaction with them?
  • Member when you ate all kinds of bad shit and didn't die from it or get sick?
  • Member when you knew what you liked and weren't ashamed of it?
  • Member when you didn't even think about using a gun to gun down some imagined person who might break into your house?
  • Member when your Dad could pass a slow car on the road and they actually tapped the break to let you by instead of getting mad and speeding up to prevent you from passing?
  • Member when you'd pass "the liars table" in a local restaurant and people were laughing and playfully teasing the people at the table whose ideas were a little out there?
  • Member when the news was a place to turn to when you needed to know what was going on in the world instead of a thing feeding you the opinions that they wanted you to have?
  • Member when church was a place you went to be a better person and a place that was concerned with helping the needy instead of a feather for your cap, a breeding ground for hateful politics and a wealth built palace where people go to so someone will tell them God wants them to be wealthy and to stop enabling people on welfare?
  • Member when you were still young enough to look around a room and believe that the people around you just wanted to love each other and do all they could for the betterment of all?
So maybe things were never the way the Member Berries 'member them. Maybe it all appeared that way to the youthful minds of babes yet untarnished by everything we'd learn through life that would lead us to be adults. 

It could be a chicken and egg thing. Maybe the tarnish is the problem and nothing has changed. Maybe the way we were taught to see the world is the problem. Maybe if we'd not be taught it was an ugly place out there we'd still be able to see the real beauty. Maybe the children see what's real and the rest of us just don't know it.

Member when you woke one day and you realized you had a choice that could not be taken from you? Member those scene you play out in your head that only you can control? Member now that your life will be comprised of exactly those scenes that you alone get to direct? Member how what others do really has no influence on your life, only you decide what will influence you? Member how Grandmother used to say you need to sweep your own porch before you go try to sweep someone else's. 

Well, here's your porch and here's a broom.