I am Tonya.

If you came here looking for precision in my words and punctuation, you will not find it. My only goal is to make you understand my point and worrying over rules just seems unnecessary. I don't care about or need proper grammar and punctuation. In fact, I'd love it if the period was the only punctuation. It's all you need to know that the sentence has an end. Not much else seems necessary. You know when a sentence is a question and you know when one shows excitement. If I say that someone said something you don't need quotations. You don't need marks on a paper to be able to read. When we learn to talk we don't need to know punctuation or grammar to make ourselves understood. You are smarter than needing punctuation so it's virtually useless. Oh, and I have an accent that is 
HEAVY on the twang and it is something that I am very proud of. It is me. It shows you where I came from. It shows where I've been. It shows you who raised me. It shows you the sort of people I surround myself with. It shows you that I am not ashamed of who I am. I believe that if it makes me appear ignorant to others, oh well then, that is the true ignorance. If you think I can't sound folksy and still be smart, that is on you not me. So, enough about the disclaimer and now this. 

I am more than halfway through a life where the person makes it to 100. I've lived through hard trials and I've lived soft. I'll take the soft any day. That is why I'd rather be 50 and wrinkled than 20 and flawless. Being young is a burden that is mostly hard. I like things simple. I like things that serve a purpose. I'd rather have awesome experiences than awesome things any day of the week. I want to be around people who believe like me and those who challenge me. In the middle of that is the sweet spot. If you get too cozy with folks just like you it will make you start to look to hard at people who are different and you'll end up believing you are more worthy. I'm happiest when I can hear a stream close by and feel sun on my face. If there's a breeze a blowin' that'll make the whole thing perfect. I've spent a life hearin' about how I talk too much about my family but I'm thinkin' that's not really a problem. I love my people and I won't apologize for it. I interned with some awesome grandparents for much of my life and they taught me how to be calm and happy. I could start now to send up the thank you's but there could never be enough of them for what they gave me. Thanks George & Lucille. You are the every other beat of my heart, the ones not taken by my favorite 3 living men - (B, Ferd and Skyler D). When I have grandkids, who I hope will learn to say Granny with ease, I will pay yall back by showing up for them like you did for me. 

I have the best husband in the world, no universe. Sorry, if you think you do because you'd be wrong. I have two sons that are my sun. If I had to choose the thing I'd like to be most in life, I'd say I already am that. I'm a wife and a mother and these are the greatest part of me. If these things paid a salary, I'd be set. Other things important to me in bullet form:
  • equality
  • music
  • calm
  • peace
  • quiet
  • words
  • nature
  • babies
  • little people
  • hammocks
  • blue skies
  • stars
  • trees
  • water
  • sunshine
  • shoes (never enough)
  • fruit tea
  • lovers of love
I am Tonya


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