Saturday, January 26, 2019


I have been going through some funk here lately but the sunshine yesterday and today seems to be what I needed. I feel bolstered. I didn't want to blog or Instagram story or any kind of silly bullshit like that and these things, I normally love. Oh, and it's winter yall. It gets me every time. I'm a grouch all winter.

It's not just sunshine that's pulling me up. It's also this book and the 2 minute cold shower finishes that it told me to do.  I've just started that. I'm mean just started like yesterday and today. Okay, so like two. But I think it's doing something good for me. I don't know, just try it yourself and report back if it made you feel like you were the sexiest, ass kickin' person in line at the grocery store checkout. It worked for me. This book is amazing though and that's not hyperbole. See, I've never used the word hyperbole in my life and you can take that to the bank. You know what else? I just did a quick proofread of what I've wrote so far and I've never used the world bolstered before either. What the hell? 

Here's something I never do. I want to invite anyone who needs help remembering happiness and wellbeing to allow me to help them using energy healing. I can do it as a distant healing without your presence but I love doing it in person. I've been practicing it for a five years now but have not made it into a business or constant in my life. I still want to keep practicing but I want to take it passed family and the few friends who have sweetly allowed me to work on them. Not saying no friends cause those are the people I'd love to help. I'm just saying I need more people. So, don't be shy, just send me a DM and say I'd like to try that crazy thing you do. It really can change your life. I promise. You don't even have to know what it's all about. Just let me deal with that. Okay, any takers?

Now go buy that book and when you shower stand in the cold 2 minutes before you get out. Stop whining and just do it. Then, maybe you can use words you never use but also double check to make sure you used them right too. Come on, I had to look them up. I thought "I cannot believe those words just came out of me/I hope I used them right, better check. Damn I'm good. Must have been the cold showers." If that sounds good to you, then do it. It's just two minutes. Stop pulling me back in. I've got to go.  

The End!