Wednesday, November 18, 2015

This is Why Hannibal Buress Kicks Ass and Other Thoughts

I reread the last post I made and I think it is a strong post but I still have some lingering things I feel like I need to express. 

I'd like to point out that the comedian Hannibal Buress was the person who first took on Cosby about the allegations of rape. How amazing is that? A man finally brought down Cosby. I also love this tweet I found at the Hannibal link: 

Jesse Thorn @JesseThorn"Good for @HannibalBuress. Just because something is crushingly sad doesn't mean it isn't reality. We need more men speaking against rape."10:57 PM - 20 Oct 2014 · Los Angeles, CA, United States

A-M-E-N to that.

As of November 1st, 2015 the list of women who have alleged they were raped by Cosby stands at 55. I feel like this list grew so fast because Hannibal Buress, a man, believed the story. He made these ladies feel safe to finally tell their story. That so seldom happens in this world.

This should not be a job for one man. It's time our society took a real stand and stopped blaming women when they are sexually assaulted. 

After my last post the person I referred to on Facebook came back to eat me alive and kind of blame me for ruining his life in a shit storm of poor me. It was a fit of childishness that I promptly removed after his second comment to keep him from embarrassing himself. I never said in the post who posted the rape joke but he made it a point to let it be known in my feed. Mind blown. If you feel victimized by my post you don't have to let people know you are the person. There's obviously a calculated motive behind that.  I think his motive was to try to make me feel bad instead of feeling bad about what he did, taking responsibility and admitting it was in poor taste. I can see straight through it. I'll admit that it  made me feel a tiny bit bad for a second but it didn't make me feel bad enough to allow this person to make me feel like a terrible person. I honestly felt like telling him what my stepfather used to say, "the more you cry, the less you'll piss." I just found it almost funny that someone who posted a rape joke was crying over getting his feelings hurt because he felt victimized by my post. It made me want to make a meme of him crying, with a caption that read, "a lady hurt my feelings," to match the Cosby rape meme he put on Facebook and start the post with, "it's just a joke" which is something he said to me. If I was a terrible person I'd have left up his comments on Facebook and have added a comment to tell him that it sounds like he had a lot of problems long before I said anything and that I didn't appreciate his projecting.

I also didn't like the fact that he had the forethought to start his post off with something like "come on, you know this is funny." (I'm not sure if that is exactly what it said but it's pretty dang close) and then say that it was about two people who seemed untouchable finally being brought down. Pleeeease. He posted that meme for the same reason anyone else posted it. If what he said is true why "somewhat" apologize for your poor taste at the top of the post? It's like saying, "even though this isn't really funny, you know you kind of think it is" or essentially "I (the post writer) think it is." You wouldn't say that about untouchable people being brought down. The joke is that a serial rapist, with a history of raping women he drugged, is itching to get a hold of a person knocked unconscious and the guy who posted it knows that. Have the balls to admit your bad taste, don't just deflect later when it's pointed out.

I'm not trying to beat a dead horse but I did take down the part of the last post that this person said bothered him. I didn't want to but I did. This morning when I woke I wanted to tell the full Facebook story still minus the part of the last post I removed. I wanted to tell it because I wanted to point out how much pain my post supposedly caused him by me pointing out the pain his post might cause the victim of rape. I hope in feeling his own pain through this, he might think on what pain might have been caused by making light of something that is not. 

Aaaand Hannibal Buress still Kicks ASS.
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