Sunday, May 18, 2014

health and your choices

I may or may not have an irrational fear of traditional medicine. Well, I do have a fear of traditional medicine. The question is, is it irrational or not? I say no.

Have you noticed all the commercials for medications that give you a long list of ways the med will eventually kill you? It is sad when so many people take these medications thinking their MD wouldn't prescribe these if the risk was as great as the warnings in the commercials. I'm not sure they know that doctors get kickbacks for making pharmaceutical companies rich. It also blows my mind how and MD can prescribe a 2 page list of medications to a patient. There is no possible way that they could know the risk involved in combining that many medications in one day. It is incalculable. If there is a way to calculate then we wouldn't see commercials from lawyers trying to line their pockets with money made from the damage these medications are later found to cause.

I am not a doctor nor do I have any sort of medical training but I can tell you this, if you have one finger, a keyboard and an internet connection you can search your way into the knowledge that natural medicine is no more quackery than that which is prescribed by a person with an MD after their name, willing to risk your health to make a buck.

I know that not all doctors are in the business of making money. I know that there are doctors in the world who care. I also know that there could come a time when I have no choice but to submit myself to the care of a medical doctor but when I do I won't go in unarmed and leave myself to only their mercy. 

I felt compelled to share this message for the simple fact that I want you to know that you have choices and you have so much information at your finger tips if you will just explore before giving your choices totally way.

Here is a list of books that have changed the way I feel about Modern Medicine. I love  Lissa Rankin - Mind Over Medicine, Anita Moorjani - Dying to Be Me, Nick Ortner - The Tapping Solution and Deepak - Chopra's Quantum Healing. Here are a few videos that might interest you if self healing has ever been of interest to you.

Please don't exchange my thoughts on this subject for how you feel about your own medical care. Make your own choices and be informed.
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