Friday, October 27, 2017

Vanilla Isis

I recently read an article about the recruiting of white Nationalist/new KKK. It appears that they are recruiting by appearing to be separate from obvious hate groups. They are billing their group as a home for young white men that they brainwash into thinking they are part of a disenfranchised group. Yes, white men are sold that they are a marginalized group and they actually believe it. As I've said here before, imagine what it would be like if they actually were as marginalized as they make others who are unlike them. This makes them appear to be the snowflakiest of all snowflakes. 

The other thing this group is doing is trying to blend in with their group uniform. Now it’s khakis and polo shirts instead of hoods and robes. Between the brainwashing and the new uniform, it makes it easy to see how one might be recruited while still believing they aren’t a part of what they actually are a part of. That is effin’ scary.

If you think about the more international hate groups like Isis or the Taliban, you can see that this new Nationalist movement isn’t much different. They recruit innocent young men with promises of being a part of protecting a way of life they think is important or are brainwashed into thinking it’s important. Then these young men line up to do the bidding of this group that makes them feel part of something important. Then they head out in a truck and drive it into a crowd and kill.

If you don’t think this is a thing and that these people aren’t being brainwashed with the most ludicrous ideas to turn them against peace loving people, read this article and then think about a man that is part of a hate group killing his father for calling him a Nazi. He actually thought he was the good guy and was enraged by being called exactly what he was because he doesn’t believe that he is that.

This is where we are folks and it ain’t pretty.