Saturday, October 28, 2017

I am about to blow your effin' mind

I had a brilliant conversation with a new friend of mine this morning. I swear to Santa and other holiday fictional entities of both Easter and Tooth, that if you could have a twin by another mother he would be mine. We talked about all the stuff we don't tell everyone because we still have a tiny grain of needing to appear sane. I mean it's tiny but it is there.

Here are a few things I want to share with you and maybe I've touched on some of it before but I just want to make this post a micro encyclopedia of this type of thing. I'm just going to post a few videos and then I'll do a very small wrap-up at the end. Don't skip down. You need to immerse yourself these experiments first.

Here's the water crystal discovery:

Here is the rice experiment:

Tom Shadyac talks briefly about the experiment he was part of in his Docu "I AM" You can see the entire thing at that link.
Here is the video where Myth Bustersa tried to debunk this.

and this:

And one last thing. Here are some singing plants:

Now here is my little take on it all but really more of a question to you:

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