Saturday, August 26, 2017

The World Is Shouting At Us While Asking, Is this Mic On?

This post was accidentally deleted but I was able to screen grab it with a snipping tool from a preview. I'm sorry for the quality and the bungles but I think this is very important.

If this is more than you'd like to read, I will just point out the main idea I'd like for you to take from this post:

The humans on this planet, at this moment, in this time, had rather save themselves than save humanity. The way to change that is to choose to love everyday instead of fear. Fear makes us selfish and only concerned with ourselves and with what is ours. Love wakes us up to others and all the possibilities of peace, love and equality. Fear makes us only concerned with what might happen in the future and love allows us to be here now. When you fear you become obsessed with the dangers around you. When you love those things fall away and you can trust that the universe has your back. That is real faith and it takes great courage to have that kind of faith.

Religion in this country has become a new psychosis. That isn't just happening in this country. Other countries have the same issues to a greater and lesser degree. We can see that and call it out daily but when it comes to our own religion we are blind. We use religion in this country to be as unwelcoming to others as we want to be. We shun whole communities if we feel like they don't measure up. People kill the babies in their wombs because of religion and this was proven in a study that LifeWay conducted regarding who gets abortions. News flash, it's Christians. They are scared for the church and their community to know they are having a baby so they get abortions. 

We can thank the Christian community for giving us a president that may be the most vile human ever to be born on this soil. They watched him say horrible things about women and fire up rooms full of people (of which they were a part of) with hate and violence and still said he was God's chosen. That is the religious psychosis I'm talking about and it should have it's own category.

Every Christian I know either carries or at least owns a gun. There ain't no Jesus in that. He didn't try to protect himself when the church came for him. He laid down his life. 

White men carrying big scary guns is the new bomb vest in this country. They go into high traffic areas and shoot up rooms full of people and when most people hear about it they assume it is a person with brown skin. No one is coming to America to kill us, we are killing ourselves. 

When white people gather in the scariest of ways, no rubber bullets or tear gas comes out but let anyone else gather in a peaceful protest and you will see the riot gear come out. That is fucked up. If you don't see that then you are only watching Fox News. It's reported widely if you watch almost 100% of all other news as well as in other countries.

Look at the difference in the way the police treat people. A white man resists arrest and they call for back up. A black man resists arrest and they just go ahead and kill him. A white man wields a gun and they call in someone to talk him down. A black man wields a gun and they just go ahead and kill him. A white man gets caught with marijuana and they give him a citation. A black man gets caught with marijuana and they take him to jail and maybe even rough him up along the way. And obviously this is not just a man issue, the differences are made with women as well.

All over the world the a woman's worth is tied to a man and that is bullshit. So we have it better in America than some but we are still treated unequal in all matters.

So I went on another long tangent here but I did not want to end this without laying out all the things I think we should be concerned with. We do get to choose love or fear. I hope we begin to choose well. Jesus chose well and I know you want to be Christ like.

So finally, here's the post.

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