Tuesday, May 16, 2017

fighting the rich man's battle

a pretty picture to go with the ugly truth

We send our boys off to war with a glint in their eye as they walk away to fight for America. They return too often with the fire burnt out and the inability to function again in society. They return and find it necessary to use mind altering means to get through their day. Not all of them are affected the same way but too many of them end up on the street without a home or enough care to give them back even half of what they lost. The glint, gone for good and then they are discarded like all they did meant nothing.

No one ever tells these young men the real reason they are being sent to fight. They just give them a bunch of rah rah America bullshit to get them amped up and that's really all it takes. It's generation after generation of handing down these lies and hardly anyone sees the real truth. Even if you see it it's almost impossible to live with killing innocent people for the lie so you have to push it down and tell yourself you did it for the right reason.

Why do we fight? We fight for the rich man to keep his slaves. We fight for the rich man's oil. We fight for the rich man's land. We fight for the rich man's military industrial complex because without war there'd be no money made by selling the supplies of war. No war/no money in the rich man's pocket. We fight and we fight and we fight for the rich man to stay rich.

Ever wonder how terrorist make money? How do they operate? Kickstarter? Collection plate? Who do ya think pays them?

These terrorist organizations are guns for hire and just like America they find innocent young men and make them believe they are fighting for a cause and they teach them to give up their lives for religion while these people profit off their innocence. And then every once in a while some young man/men will get all gung ho and decided to contribute to the cause by committing an act of terrorism on America soil and of course these organizations can't wait to take credit for the freebee.

Ever wonder if the countries we invade for oil think that we are terrorists? If you don't see us that way it could be because of the xenophobic/ethnocentric lens we use in America to see the rest of the world. America first is our psychological motto even when it doesn't have to be us or them. These people are living, thinking, feeling, breathing beings, as are we.

So terrorism=war machine=money and whether here or abroad, everyone is onboard and more than happy to do their part. Rich man gets richer and all is well and we get to keep waving the flag and telling ourselves that this is what it's all about.

How long are we going to keep falling for this?
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