Friday, December 11, 2015

these two

There once was a man name George who married a bubbly, big hearted lady named Lucille. They were together for more than 50 years and they never fought. Somewhere inside of them they had a deep root of knowing just how to be together and love all that the other person was. They were not stingy with this either. This also extended out to everyone they knew. They collected family wherever they went. Not having the family blood in your veins did not exempt you from being drawn into their magic.

George was the glue that made it all stick together, while Lucille was the one who sweetly dropped the breadcrumbs that lead everyone in to become family. These two were the most giving, loving and happy people I've ever met.

These beautiful people were the parents of my mother and so, also my grandparents. They made me feel loved when no one else did. I know I'm not alone in that.

Not just today, but everyday, I want to say thanks Granddaddy and Grandmother, for being a shining example of what is possible. Without you I would not have known the peace I've had in my marriage that will soon be 15 years. Thank you. Thank you.

We still miss you.
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