Tuesday, December 22, 2015

a girl and her uncle

I could look back at photos of these two all day. They have had the most beautiful perfect love for each other since the day he sat beside me while I held her and finally saw her smile and decided all of a sudden that she was no longer too tiny to hold. That first time really holding her was the beginning of a very tight bond.

Uncle Bryan has never said no. Uncle Bryan has always took time for her no matter what adventure she wanted to go on. She would tell him she loved him and sometimes he'd try to make sure I didn't feel left out by getting her to say she loved me too. I gave up on ever trying to get her to love me like she does B. I just told her that I knew she loved Uncle B more than me and I was fine with that. That it made me happy that she loved him that much.

I remember once we took her to Don Fox Community Park in Lebanon. We were all running and playing and it just seemed like a special time. I decided to stop and take it in for a moment. So, I sat down on a railroad tie on the edge of the playground. While I sat there I made a wish that if ever there was a way to remember a complete moment, this could be mine. There was a  slight breeze blowing where I was sitting in the shade. B and Kenlee were running after each other giggling and squealing and all was right with my world. I sat in my little space and tried as hard as I could to record every sound, feel, sight, and second as perfectly as I could, with the hope that anytime I needed this feeling again, I could call on this perfect moment and feel the way I felt on this day. Just to watch these two people who are so special to me love each other the way they couldn't help but do.

How could you not love a man that could love his precious niece like this man does? It really says all you need to know about him.