Friday, September 4, 2015

everyday is like a Sunday drive

Back a few weeks ago I wrote this post about an incident I had while driving. I just wanted to report back about that. The post was called "Thanks Asshole". In the post I really did end up thanking the other person involved in the incident and I was sincere about it. Now I have even more wonderful things that have come to light from this to be thankful for.

After all this happened I decided to set some rules for driving in the future. They go something like this:
  • Never drive more than 6 miles over the speed limit. 
  • Never pass a car unless I can avoid breaking the first rule.
  • Never pass a car unless I know for sure that there will not be a timing issue.
  • Always let the cars in front of me set my speed unless their speed is so slow it might be dangerous.
  • Never get anxious about the speed someone else is driving. 
  • Always know that if I'm being slowed there might be a cosmic reason.
  • Never look at the clock if I'm running late. 
  • Always realize that if I get anxious or rushed then my attention will be on that and not in the moment enjoying my beautiful surroundings. This is Tennessee after all.
  • If someone tries to challenge me on the road I will slow until they give up or I will pull over until they are well out of sight. I will let them win. 
  • If I feel rushed I need to remind myself of the rules again and remember that feeling rushed will rob me of my peace.
  • Always know that if I speed or pass people I will not gain enough from it to ignore my safety or that of my fellow travelers. So maybe I'd get there 1 minute quicker, right?
I know that is a lot of rules but I have my reasons for all of them.

So, I've been following these rules and have received several unexpected gifts from it. 
  • I am always calm and relaxed on my drive.
  • I enjoy the trip and pay attention to my surroundings.
  • People going slow no longer bother me because I'm letting them do their thing while I chill back and do mine.
  • I never have the urge to pass other cars. 
  • I go much slower than my rule most of the time. Sometimes even less than the speed limit.
  • I never get angry with other drivers.
  • I never feel like I'm being challenged.
  • I am much more giving because I don't feel like I am rushed.
It's not just these things. This has spilled over into other areas of my life. I am starting to love letting the world I'm in set my pace. I am also starting to love the surrender. This has opened me up to want to surrender more things and just see how my life plays out when I just let go.

Looking back to a couple of weeks ago when this incident happened and I was shaking and scared, I could never have imagined that it could change me so much. This all happened because I took the pain from it and asked it what it came to teach me, it answered and I listened.

“Forgiveness is understanding, That I may never know, Why we hurt each other, Or which one of us needs to grow.”
                                                                                                                                        - Kaypacha
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