Sunday, August 16, 2015

Thanks Asshole

So last Tuesday was not the best day for me and it started out not so great. I was on my way to the Lafayette office and I got behind a car that wasn't maintaining a steady speed nor going the speed limit. I decided to pass him when I could so that I wouldn't have to continue to apply my brakes every time he slowed by 5 to 7 miles. I guess he didn't want to be passed. Though he was going about 52 when I started to pass him, my speed reached 85 before I was able to get around him. This used to not be a thing. There once was a time that people would even tap their brakes for you to get around them easier. Now, people speed up and try to kill you if you try to pass them.

Well, the story didn't end there. Not only was I dealing with a crazy person, I became crazy. When the road became 2 lanes he passed me and started to slow then speed up again. I was tired of dealing with this so I decided to pass him. The road was about to merge up ahead. He again didn't want me passing him so we fought for ground until the lanes merged and he had to give up. He laid on his horn and rode on my bumper until the road split back into two lanes. Then he started around me and once he was dead even with me he proceeded to drive right beside of me for about a mile. I could see from the corner of my eye that he was trying to engage me but I'm wasn't having any of that so I never looked over. Just as I was about to turn into the office he pulled passed and finally went on.

I never engage these people. Never. When I'm with someone and this happens I always encourage people to let it go. It's not worth ruining your day because someone else is trying to control you. If they need that so badly in their life, let them have it. How big of a fool would I have been if this had been how I died?

When I got to the office I was still fuming at the idea of this man trying to control me. Just when I thought I was about to calm down. Phil from State Farm called. He said he was sorry to inform me that due to a ticket I got in 2012 (the only ticket I've had since I've known B) and the 2 times I've backed into something because I cannot see out the back of my Rogue, State Farm had decided they didn't want to insure me any longer. Then he told me I could keep my insurance if I agreed to higher coverage that would cost me $30 more a month.

Okay, universe. I get it. Well, not that day. But I get it. Thanks to Tuesday Asshole I realize that since I've been managing 2 offices I've been in a rush trying to get it all in. I will not do this going forward. I will be stopping to smell the roses. I will not rush, I will not be passing people who set my pace unless it is clear that there is no danger or risk of having to speed. I will let what comes my way dictate my path. I will relish every moment in calm, listening to my audio books and rad ass music. I'll leave the stress of trying to get somewhere fast and only gaining a minute to those other people who are in a hurry. Me, I'll be kicked back on my lumbar pillow, smiling at the butterflies drifting across my path as I proceed.

Thanks Asshole. You've taught me well. 
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