Saturday, March 23, 2019

Well Hello

I have wanted to write in this space so many times but I just won't do it if I'm not totally wide open to do so. I cannot force it and I'm not today. I'm actually feeling 100% happy with this decision.

Earlier today I told anyone who watched my Instagram stories that I was about to do a new video and maybe you came here to see. I hope so.

Prepare yourself to hear something you've probably never had pointed out to you. It might scare you that I would say such things and and it might scare you to hear it. I can assure you that I am not the first person to point these things out. Wayne Dyer said it over and over before his death.

Note: Just to clarify before you watch the video I said Psalms 82:16 but I had contacts on that I use to see distance and cannot see close with them. It's actually 82:6. 

It amazes me that Jesus quoted Psalms to say for the second time in the bible that "You Are Gods." It's really no different than Buddhism. Buddhism asks us to take responsibility for our lives and that is what God and Jesus both are saying when they say this. They want to get it in our heads that the decisions we make are our own and tell us that how our life turns out depends on the type God we chose to be. We have the power. How much more permission do we need to use it.

If all this makes you uneasy and makes you want to think about what Jesus and God could have meant other than exactly what they said,  I want to refer you back to this post and what Suelo said about the inability of Christians to accept and be comfortable with Jesus' teaching.