Tuesday, October 16, 2018

man, this was not the post I thought I was writing

Maybe you saw my last video and maybe you didn't. If you did then you heard me speak about something dear to my heart and that is equality. If you believe Brandi in Sedona, who gave my reading, then you know it's why I'm on this earth. If you believe everyone has a purpose and that so happens to be mine, then you must believe it isn't by accident. And... by that, if there is no purpose in finding equality, then there'd be no use for me. But I'm still here.

Do we all have a purpose? I waiver on that all the time including on whether I have one. I don't think we have to know the answer to that because if we do serve some sort of purpose then in just living and being who we are we serve that purpose even without knowing.

I have read books that include the transcripts from sessions of people in Life Between Life Regression Therapy and a lot of them have one thing in common. The people remembering their time as a soul often remark about equality on the other side. They report that all souls are equal regarding how they are loved and cared for in soul form. If you committed mass death or died as an infant, your souls would be equal on the other side. The reason for this is purpose. No matter what you did while alive and in flesh, it was a matter of purpose to advance mankind. Sometimes that means your purpose could be to effect people in a large enough scope as to make real and lasting shifts. It is said we have a soul team and with the help of that team we incarnate with a plan to advance our soul or, in some cases, to surrender our own advancement for the advancement of others. When you think about it like that, then you could see that those who commit the greatest harm sacrifice the most for the greater advancement of mankind. That hurts my brain too, I promise you that.

When you think about all of this it makes bad things happening to good people make sense. If we choose in soul form, what we want to accomplish in flesh, then when bad things happen it is just a part of our plan to sacrifice for the advancement of others or ourselves. It takes away the confusion people seem to have regarding why those who try hardest to be good aren't always rewarded by "God" with good and why bad isn't always rewarded by "God" with bad.

This may all seem crazy to you if you are a Christian and do not believe in reincarnation, but I can assure you there are crazier things you believe because I used to be one of you.

I find one thing in all these revelations so amazing. As an advocate for equality I am so intrigued by souls being equal on the other side. Imagine that if you just committed some sort of atrocity on earth and you were greeted with the same love that a person who lived a life of sacrifice to others. You chose to sacrifice yourself in an evil seeming sort of way while in flesh as part of a plan to advance others and for this reason you are not judged. Because of the way most of us believe who are alive on the planet right now, this is a very hard concept to grasp. When you are telling yourself "God wouldn't give you anything you cannot handle" while you witness countless people commit suicide, I don't think what I am purposing is that hard of a concept to grasp.

Now that you know there is a chance that your soul is equal to all others in death, let's get to work on making this also so in life.

I sat down to write about equality and to discuss the different groups our society has different rules for when it comes to equality and it immediately morphed. That makes me feel like there is someone out there that needed to read this post instead of the one I thought I was writing. If that's true, sure hope they find it. PeAcE!
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