Thursday, May 4, 2017

this is how you do it/finding love

I've got a tight circle around me but those people in that tiny circle know that one of the best things I've got going for me is mah marriage and mah man. They also know that 20 years ago I didn't intend to marry again. Oh how my family wanted me to find someone but oh how I didn't agree. My grandmother used to repeat the story over and over about how I used to complain about if I found someone they would take over my house. I'd have to share my couch and they might want my spot and I'd have to make space for their clothes in my closet. I meant all that. I had a picture in my head of growing old and gray, living in the country and how I'd be granny to all the children. There was never a grandpa with me in that picture that I had floating in my head. I was tough on marriage in that picture in my head. B can tell you I fought hard to keep my picture untouched but I lost that fight and I'm glad that I did. In this video I wanted to tell you the important parts of how I found love and why it's beautiful even 20 years later. I hear all your stories and I'm here to tell you that we have been sold the wrong story on finding love. I wanted to set the record straight. If after you watch this and you have questions about your own particular situation and how you might apply what I said here, please please please email me. I want you to have what I have and I know I can help.

I realize now that I didn't say much about finding someone if you don't have anyone but I have lots to say about that too. I'll try to touch on that in another video but it's not that complicated. You can do it.

So that's it.

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