Tuesday, September 8, 2015

home sweet home

I have never traveled outside of the US. I'd love to but just never have. I'd love to see how other people live and be able to get the feel for how life is day in and out for others in different parts of the world. It would truly be a great learning experience and if I'm about anything, I'm about that. I love where I live though and couldn't imagine being any other place. With that said I want to talk a little about not taking for granted where you live.

I think you could travel the world over and never find happiness if you cannot find it at home. I see people on Facebook say that they feel like packing their bags and leaving their small towns and I almost always comment the old saying, "Wherever you go, there you are." Nothing could be truer.

I feel like I've posted this before but it's very telling. Dr Wayne Dyer used to tell a story about walking on the beach in Florida and meeting 2 couples separately who asked him how he liked living there. He posed the same question to both couples asking them, "Well, what's it like where you live?" The first couple described the place talking about how terrible it was and how terrible the people were. The second couple said the opposite. They spoke of how lovely everyone was and how nice the place was. When the two couples had finished he told them both the same thing and was on his way. He said, "Well I think you will find the same thing here." He said this because he knew that they would find the same because that was what they focused on. You can test this for yourself. On your next car trip make a list of things you seldom see before you leave the house and then travel a familiar route but this time look for the things on your list. You will be surprised at how just tuning in will allow you to see things you may have never noticed before. You will see what you look for.

You can see the wonders of the world and it won't bring you any closer to happiness than sitting on your back step.

Don't worry about affording a dream destination. Just walk outside. Get some Tennessee on ya. We live in such a beautiful place and I believe that just breathing this air and walking these hills could have a greater effect on your health than anything a doctor could prescribe on a pad. 
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