Thursday, September 10, 2015

celebrate you

I am terrible at giving at times when it's just understood that you should. I never send flowers or cards for any reason. I never have. I sometimes feel plagued by this but not enough to change this attribute. I also do not want to call people when they've experienced the death of a loved one. If I think about the flowers, the cards or the calls I almost feel lost that I should do these things but cannot force myself to. It's like I totally run away at these times. It is definitely a place where I am weak.

Today I reminded myself that I do not have to be perfect. I do not have to be everything to everyone. Even though I'm terrible at giving in one way I am very giving in others. I have no attachment to money so it's easy for me to give that way. I continually put myself out there to try to aid others in finding happiness. I also put myself on the line to show others the way to equality. I have people tell me often that they wish they had the strength and courage to stand for others like I do. That's a big thing and I should feel good about it. So, today I'm reminding myself that though I may fail at a lot of things that might just not be my job but I also win at a lot of things that I find much more important and feel are my job.

Give yourself a break and celebrate your wins. It's too easy for us to kick ourselves for failure. This post will be my reminder. I hope it helps you as well.
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