Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Oh summer I have been so smitten with you. I've baked to near melting in your heat but it never stopped me from smiling to your sun god whenever she was present. You waltzed in on the scene, taking me to the beach to watch my precious two little nieces play, giggle and take in the sound of the waves in your waters and also from shells pressed to their eager ears. You've taken me down streams of varying degrees of flow while I watch our Tennessee (and North Carolina) scenery pass me by, always saving bits of it to take home like souvenirs. I rode a bike in my happy little place, coasting the hill, standing up like a child full of wonder and you gave me the perfect day for it.  I left you thank-you notes in the form of mandalas and cairns all along the way. I hope you have liked these gifts.  Summer, I do wish you could stay. I warn you now that I do intend to grasp what is left of you and wring that bitch out. Thank you summer. You could not have been better. 
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