Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Kundalini Yoga

I don't think I've read much of anything lately that did not bring up Kundalini Yoga. It seems so many people are feeling the benefits so they just have to share. I don't know why I waited so long to try it. I just stuck it back there in the back of my mind on a shelf with all the things I plan on doing later. Well, it's off the shelf now.

I turned to youtube to get started. This was the first video I tried and it has me hooked. Next I checked out Amazon and I found more free videos on Prime and also one I bought. Remember I'm a very much a beginner so I don't know enough info yet to charm you with all of my Kundalini wisdom but like those before me I couldn't wait to share.

Every time I finish a session I feel like it's the first day of my life. I am not kidding you. B is not as impressed by it as I am but he is enjoying it too. Kundalini Yoga: Energy and the Physical Body with Haridass Kaur is one of the videos I bought from amazon. It is a set up for the ways it can enrich your life. One of the things it speaks of is taking a cold shower. I've only tried it twice but I'm really like that as well. I can't just jump in the cold. I start with lukewarm and then work my way back down to cold. My skin feels smoother and I also feel much more refreshed once I'm out. I started watching the video and realized that I need to take notes. I'm going to get to that quickly but for now I just wanted to sing the praises. I am feeling so new and revived from what I've tried so far. 

Don't be like me and put this on that mind shelf of things for later. Do it now. I promise you will feel the benefits almost immediately. 

Kundalini Yoga YAY!

Edit: I had some insights this morning while in my yoga session. It occurred to me how we always exercise our bodies to be healthy physically on the outside. I feel like Kundalini is a way to exercise our body for our inside health by preforming exercise that stimulates our organs. Our bodies will feel the outside rewards as well so that's just an added bonus. The other thing that occurred to me is how a prolonged set that also challenges us mentally also prepares us for paying attention and being in the moment. I could not be happier with the results I'm feeling so early on in this process. You have got to try this.
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