Thursday, July 24, 2014

i need sunlight, food, water and rose colored glasses

It's so hard to be a girl with a blue heart in the land of red. Facebook has made it even harder. Facebook brought those people right out in front that do not believe in human equality and the people who talk of dying for a gun but not for a child. I don't think I ever needed to know this about my friends, family and community. I liked it more when I could just live in my little bubble and still believe love always wins. I've hid folks and defriended them just for this reason. I cannot take another person hating and justifying it by pointing a finger at GOD. My heart cannot take seeing hate slammed in my face so blatantly. I know we are all equal in our right to believe as we choose but I need my space here to feel like there is hope.

I saw this on tumblr and it really says it all for me:
We live in an age where we feel guilt whenever we have to cut someone off but the reality is that some relationships do need to die, some people do need to be unfollowed and defriended. We aren’t meant to be this tethered to the people in our past. The Internet mandates that we don’t burn bridges and keep everyone around like relics but those expectations are unrealistic and unhealthy. Simply put, we don’t need to know what everyone else is up to. We’re allowed to be choosy about who we surround ourselves with online and in real life, even if it might hurt people’s feelings.

The rest of the post above can be found here. It is worth the read. It made me feel better about dropping off a few bags that became too much for me to carry. If you need to let folks go as well it might make you feel better too.
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