Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Jar of Wings

Over the last several months I seem to keep finding wings laying all over this hill and below it. First I found a single bird wing laying beside the deck. Then kayaking I found 3 perfect dragonfly wings laying on a rock in the creek. Next I found a whole bug laying dead by the front door that had wings so beautiful I could not help but take them to keep. The last one I found was the large portion of one moth wing laying on the front porch. There's never been a full set in all of the wings that I've found except for the set still attached to it's owner. There is always one missing. There should have been 4 dragonfly wings but there were only 3. It seems pretty symbolic to me. You might think so too when I tell you that one of my shoulders has been frozen for the last year. I have been to the chiropractor, an orthopedic surgeon and a full month of physical therapy and it's still not near 100%. So, just like the creatures that keep leaving me their wings,  I too, in a way, am missing one of my mine.

I think the universe is telling me it is time for me to fly and when I make that leap I know I will get the use of that damaged wing back the minute that I need it. I feel like the pain is there now to remind me that I need to press forward. I know what flying means for me and I'm getting closer and closer to pushing myself from the tree to enter this next phase of growth.

Have you ever had something like this happen to you? Maybe there was a time when something kept reoccurring in your life or  something that just keeps on showing up trying to give you a message. I think if that is happening to you too, it might be time you listen.

I've had so many messages sent to me at this point that I now have a jar just for wings.
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