Monday, March 25, 2013

A 3 Hour Kentucky Road Trip


B announced to me yesterday, completely out of the blue, “I’ve got us a little road trip for later.” I said, “Today later?” Turns out that’s what he meant. I’m sure he told me how he came upon this but anyway, he found a kayak float trip he wanted to scout out. It was about 60 miles away. We drove there and back. It was foggy the whole way and it made for a beautiful ride. We just passed site after site of scenery begging to be photographed. I don’t know if I’ve ever been on a car ride that was more visually stunning. These are all photos taken with my iPhone. I can’t wait to take that kayak trip. In a couple more months, when everything blooms out, this place will look entirely different. Believe it or not I actually missed a lot of shots because I was taking them all from the road and B gets a little fast for the speed of my iPhone once in a while. I’m fumbling trying to end this post. So, I’ll just say THE END.

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