Tuesday, September 11, 2012

waiting for it to catch

Today marks another day where I start from scratch on believing this will catch on. I give up on this idea everyday and then something happens. One day it was when Jan jumped on board and decided she was in. I realized that day we didn’t need the whole world. With the wide stroke of magic she paints across the world in just being her own beautiful self everyday and the fact that I started out thinking I was just going to do this on my own anyway made me feel like that was all we needed. Of course when you look at it that way one can’t help but think there’s no need to keep this blog. With only 2 peeps in we could keep up with that by email.

Well, folks let me tell you I have lived my life taking the reins and going my own when I couldn’t get others on board. Maybe there is a lesson here. I have until 12-12-12 to convince you folks that having a happy day with the world participating is a crazy brilliant idea. So, I’ll just be over here posting and adding inspiration from wherever I can find it and when you are ready you can play along. I’m not giving up.

Here is a little story of a man who inspired me.

The winter I was 7 I watched the Little Drummer Boy with my grandfather. At one point in the movie the lamb of the LDB dies and he plays until it wakes from death and stands up and walks again. When this happened in the movie my grandfather looked at me and told me that no matter what you want in life if you just ask for it you will get it. He was the King of my kingdom and if he said it, it was true.

Everyday for a good long while after that I would look through the Sears catalogue and pick out everything I wanted in my house. I’d pick out the baby I wanted and I imagined what the outside of my house would look like. There was never a man in the scenario. At night I’d pray that when I woke in the morning it would all be across the street and I would just walk over and start my new life as a 7 year old homeowner/mother. I’d jump out of bed and run to the window every morning to see if my house was there and then one day I finally gave up and thought Granddaddy was wrong.

Guess the universe didn’t think I was old enough  to grant this at the time. Fast forward 16 years and  I found myself the mother of 2 boys and the owner of a newly constructed house. It took a while to look back and think on this but one day I realized I got exactly what I asked for then. It took me years after that (14 to be exact) to be open to adding a man to the equation but when I was ready that happened too. 

Look out, I’m about to do some askin’ again.

Hello universe, so great at granting wishes, let those who need a little peace, love and happiness in their world find this blog and join in our official day to welcome the 3 permanently into their life.

Thank you in advance for granting this but please don’t wait 16 years if you can help it, we kind of have a target here. Thinking 12-12-12 if you are available.
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