I am Tonya.

I am about half way through a life where the person makes it to 100. I've lived hard and I've lived soft. I'll take the soft any day. I like things simple. I like things that serve a purpose. I'd rather have awesome experiences than awesome things any day of the week. I'm happiest when I can hear a stream close by and feel sun on my face. If there's a breeze blowin' that'll make the whole thing perfect. I've spent a life hearin' about how I talk too much about my family but I'm thinkin' that's not really a problem. I love my people and I won't apologize for it. I interned with some awesome grandparents for much of my life and they taught me how to be calm and happy. I could start now to send up the thank yous but there could never be enough of them for what they gave me. When I have grandkids, who I hope will learn to say Granny with ease, I will pay back my grandparents by showing up for them like mine did for me. I have the best husband in the world. Sorry, if you think you do because you'd be wrong. I have two sons that are my sun. If I had to choose the thing I'd like to be most in life, I'd say I already am that. I'm a wife and a mother and these are the greatest part of me. If these things paid a salary, I'd be set. Other things important to me in bullet form:

  • equality
  • music
  • calm
  • peace
  • quiet
  • words
  • nature
  • babys
  • little people
  • hammocks
  • blue skys
  • stars
  • trees
  • water
  • sunshine
  • shoes (never enough)
  • fruit tea
  • lovers of love
  • kickin' ass at livin' evah day
I am Tonya

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