Friday, January 5, 2018

So I'm Back Over Here Now

I so hope you followed along with Waking Your Sleeping Soul. It is a bank of important knowledge that can make you well, sane and young, yes young. If you did follow along you might have noticed that some of the lessons are already things you inherently know deep inside but really have never brought up to consciousness before. That is what makes this so amazing. You are really just waking up your soul like the title of the course says.

When I decided to write this or to just take some things I had already written and mix it with new things, my thought was to make a tool box full of tools to help you quickly make some self realizations. We spend so much time in the reality of day to day life in the headspace of just trying to get through the day, that we never realize that we have hardwired a way of life into our brains. We forget that everyday we have options we never explore and that if the way we think isn't working for us we can just choose to think another way. If the way we live isn't working for us we can also just choose to live another way. I've feel like I have a real grasp on this in many parts of my life but not socially and in work. Those are my areas to work on. If I could get friendship, networking and finding a way to connect better with whatever job I hold, I will  feel like I've won life. I'm good on love, family, parenting, providing, creativity, hobbies, play, home, money, health, aging well, mind body connection, meditation, stillness of the mind (sometimes) and general peace and calm. That's not too shabby but I for sure have areas I could greatly improve on.

There will always be a part of me that questions and wants to advance and learn no matter how long my heart beats and my lungs fill with air. For me it's a matter of a life well lived. I feel like if I am just born to this earth and I follow along blindly, just hoping everyone in the world likes me, that I will have wasted my time here. Everyday I will continue to learn, move forward and find a way to be exactly what I was born to be without allowing myself to be a product of all the misinformation and opinions that dominate the perceived order of this planet. If it is all correct and I am wasting my time then I want to come to that conclusion on my own and not by just accepting the ideas of the world I was born into. I want to know positively the things I know. That is what Waking Your Sleeping Soul is.  
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