Monday, November 6, 2017

get busy living

I've had a few people ask me how I stay young so I'm gonna tell ya.

When I had my first child, Lance, my mom went straight into trying to make me an adult the way she thought a proper adult should be. Anyone, including her, that knows me should know that trying to peddle your way onto me is not ever gonna work. The first, second and fiftieth time she told me to dress my age I completely ignored her.  It ain't what I do. I always wear whatever speaks to me. I don't care if it's the style. I don't care if anyone else will or won't like it. I don't care if the head of every person I pass spins around exorcist style in disbelief that I'd go out of the house that way. In fact, I kind of like it if it disrupts their day. If what I wear is something anyone worries about I think they have more problems than being offended by me. So I've got that goin' for me, which is nice.

I don't believe that getting old is a matter of how old you are. You know you see people of all ages both able to do whatever they want and also debilitated by sickness and disease. There was once a man locally that was over 100 years old, who delivered meals on wheels to people 30 to 40 years younger than he was. I once helped judge a senior beauty pageant in Crossville and one of the former winners was there, in her nineties, wearing high heals and a toe ring. No one helped her go on stage when they all went up for the crowning. I have an aunt who is in her seventies that the last time I saw her, was wearing ripped jeans with feathers paint on the legs. This chick still looks as beautiful as ever. You’ve just gotta live like your living and not dying.
hotel fun
I don't stop doing all the things I want to do out of fear. My body is capable, so I don't let the fact that I'm 51 get in the way. I don't take medication. I don't go to the doctor. I don't listen to pharmaceutical commercials that tell about meds I should take. I don't participate in awareness gatherings for disease. It is a proven fact that the more we practice awareness the larger the effect on the population. More awareness = more sick people. I don't need reminders that sickness can happen. I live like it can't. And I don't let people put that stuff in my head.
I believe you have to use everything about your being to keep it young. You need to move in every way you are designed to move and do it often. I believe you have to use your lungs to full capacity a few times a day so that they don't forget how to take deep breaths. I believe you have to keep your nails cared for so that they don't get yellow, thick and crusty from neglect. I believe strongly in use it or lose it.
Plain and simple I still play.
Surround yourself with things you love and don't worry what anyone else will say or think about it.
I experiment with life. These photos are mostly from my fourties because I've moved to Instagram over the last few years and it's much easier to pull down photos from Flickr. You can also go over there on the left to see my Instagram feed for more recent photos.

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