Friday, July 22, 2016

The Personification of America as Uncle Sam Might Be Confusing You

America belongs to all it's citizens people despite the way a lot of us have been brought up to believe. I think more people understand this than those who don't. But... those who don't are terrified that they are losing control. That is why you see people shouting and trying to scare you. Like I said, they try to scare you because they are scared. White men of the United States have controlled this nation for far too long through whatever means necessary. They think America is only for them because up till now it kind of has been. They killed the people native to this land to steal it for themselves. They enslaved people of color and built this country on their blood and their backs. They put their thumb on the women in their lives to make sure these ladies cared for them at home. They've had it all for so damn long and have been pacified by the blood of others who kept them in charge. It's killing them that we are taking their pacifier and they are throwing a tantrum about it. These men try to pit the different races, income classes and religions against one another so that we will fight each other while they continue to stay in power. "Keep 'em after each other, then they won't come after us." That is how they think. 

When you see a person that doesn't believe like you, look  like you, act like you, or live the way you live, stop seeing them as something else. They are human just like you. America belongs to all of us, not just scared white men.

You have forgotten or never knew that we are all equal. Maybe it is because the first time it was said on this soil the people who said it owned other human beings. Maybe that also confuses you. It friggin' confuses me but not for the same reason.

We will never be a great country and no one is going to "Make America Great Again" if you only want it to be great for the ones that look like you. Also, it would be hard to make this country great again when it never was. Our history has been ugly, brutal and murderous. We shouldn't fear rapists coming over the boarder when the founding rulers of this country could count themselves as such. I know it makes a person feel like shit to think that we may not be the good guys but guess what? We aren't and never have been. Instead of Making America Great Again, maybe, just maybe, we could MAKE AMERICA GREAT FOR THE FIRST TIME.

No matter the shade of skin, the belief of the person, the good or the bad, like it or not, this country belongs to all of us. Stop thinking you can take back something you stole to start with. We could be great and I know we will be great but it will not happen following the path we've followed till now. This next generation gets this and I know that scares you too. 

Hey, ya know Mr. Angry White Man, you should be scared. Your time is almost done.
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