Wednesday, July 6, 2016

every place is a sacred space

I have a growing need to make wherever I'm at feel like a special place. I want to make my space feel like it fully supports whatever task I'm working on. Having this feeling makes me understand the significance of the Japanese tea ceremonies. It just feels nice to have a space prepared to accomplish a single task.

I am in my car so much for work that it's easy for me to get anxious about getting where I'm going instead of just enjoying the ride. I spend around 9 hours a week just driving to and from work. Some days I spend more time driving than that if I do home visits. I've been at this job since September 2011 and it just occurred to me to make my car a sacred space.

The other day I thought about the long time I'd spend on the road that day and I just got this feeling I should prepare my car with intention for the task I would be engaged in the whole day. Before I left home that morning I did a little cleaning and straightening. I sprayed my sacred space spray all around the car, I actually keep this bottle in the car now for when I need to spritz a little freshness all around. I picked out an array of different crystals to also keep in the car. These were just tiny little things to make it feel sacred but I also wanted it to look sacred. So, I bought a nice throw pillow for the backseat and a faux sheep skin to drape over all the stains I have from riding a very messy niece around when she was little. Of course a sacred space needs music so I had my iPod at hand for that. Now my car is a tiny mobile temple. It makes the time I spend in it feel so much less like work and makes me feel much more present and in the moment. I find it helps me to not feel hurried. This is just one example of making a space feel special that we might usually take for granted. You might also do this with your porch, garden, your desk at work or bedroom. Any place can be a sacred space.

If you have a space that you spend a lot of time in that does not feel conducive to your peace of mind think about taking steps to introduce some things there that make you feel more inspired and calm. This little practice will blow your mind at how effective it is. I love the idea of the tiny travel altar for those who meditate to use to make a space for meditation on the go. Just total sweetness and a good example of what I'm talking about.

Okay, so, if ya got a space that doesn't make you feel like the whole world loves you and thinks you are the most awesome, then sacred spacify it. Yes I just made that up but it works and I'm sticking by it. You still here? Go go go...

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