Tuesday, April 5, 2016

step up your perspective game

I visit a lot of people in their homes and I hear a lot of stories. Some of them are tales of woe and others of triumph. After being in hundreds of homes and meeting hundreds of people on their own turf, I think it is safe to say there have been enough to be able to spot a trend if there was one. So, what do you think I've found. Well, it's a few of things.


There are people in the world that will never be happy. They always see things from a victim mentality and from the perspective of lack. If you ask them any question you will get a negative response. You can send them your best worker, the one everyone loves and wants, and they will, at some point, ask you to never send them again. They will do this until they go through every good worker you have and then they will hit the bottom of the barrel and change providers. They will tell you they have the same problem wherever they go but they will still believe the problem is with everyone else and not of their own making. They never, for a second, appreciate anything or anyone. They wallow in the grief of their self-made unhappiness.


There are people in the world that go through life and they take what is handed to them and they never ask for another thing. They aren't exactly happy or sad. It never really occurs to them that they have any power in the world. So, they never step up and never speak their mind. They follow blindly whatever they are told and are scared a lot of the time. They hope you won't take advantage of them but they fully expect that you might.


There are people in the world that always find a way to be happy. They take responsibility for their lives and recognize the reasons they have to be grateful. Even when these folks lack the things they find very important to their happiness, they are still grateful for what they do have. They can find something good in any worker you send them. They will tell you all the wonderful things that have happened to them in their life. These people may be the sickest of the lot but they will refuse to lay down until they just cannot go anymore. They won't dwell on their sickness no matter how severe. The energy around them is contagious and when you talk with them you will not be able to stop smiling.

I think if you look at these three categories you will notice that age doesn't matter. Most people will fall in one. You have a choice. Do you want to be a I, II, or III?
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