Monday, October 5, 2015

daisies, baby deer, breath and all that is precious

B took me away this past weekend for my birthday that will be on Wednesday. The whole time we were away I just kept seeing so many beautiful things that reflected back to me something I’ve been marinating on lately.

Gosh, this is just a hard post to write. I don’t know why.

Sunday night we went to eat at a Vietnamese restaurant. It was packed and we had to wait outside about 30 minutes. This place drew people from all backgrounds. The people waiting ahead of us was a biracial couple. The woman was tiny and about as white as a white person gets and her husband was a small Hispanic man. They had two children. They were an amazing couple, just beautiful together. We also sat next to them and I watched the man take the smallest child out to change his diaper while the mother stayed behind with the older child. Their children were also beautiful.
While we waited a lesbian couple also joined the wait. They were so sweet and loving to each other, just the picture of young love. I loved seeing people cross over traditional gender roles. It makes one see that we can all be part without having to mold to stereotypical roles.

There were older couples, younger couples, as well as groups consisting of families and friends with varying colors of skin, all gathered just to share a meal. Eating at this place seemed to be a good representation of our society as a whole.

We all had a wonderful meal in our large group and in our own little individual pods. We were all so different when you looked at us on the outside but still so much the same at the level of heart.  

I know this seems woowoo to bring all this up but just being in these moments gave me a flicker of what life could be if we all just looked at each with love and kinship. If every person who walked before us was accepted just as they are, what miracles we could make. This gives me such a beautiful feeling.

Have you ever been outside as the sun was going down and felt the most perfect breeze blow across your skin? I think to that and know that this is what peace feels like. I just want more and more of it and I want to share these moments with people who believe that love can light the way. 
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