Sunday, July 19, 2015

that felt so good, so here's more

So yesterday I talked about enlightenment. I don't know why it took me so long. I really thought the people who knew me probably knew this is something I've sought after. Turns out, not so much. They probably thought that I was odd but just couldn't put their finger on why.

I started down this path when I was in my twenties now I'm 3 months from 49. When you've been on the road that long you figure everyone knows it and that they just don't care about jumping on for the ride. You think it's just not their thing. That still could be so or, or maybe they never knew the destination. Maybe if they knew you were going someplace that would make you better at being exactly who you are, then they might actually want some of that action.

Here is what I've learned on the path. At some point you will have an awakening. In fact, you will have many. My first was when I realized that everyone is perfect exactly as they are when you strip off what the world has taught them about who they are. We come here as such precious souls but that soon gets covered with all the times you are told no, with all the ways the world makes you feel not good enough and with all terrible ways you see people being treated. You cannot help but be influenced by all of this. It is part of being flesh and not just a soul. If you were strictly soul you'd not be affected. In your soul form you know the answers of the universe. That is why you mediate, so that you can meet in calm with your soul and open the doors to these lessons already known to soul.

My next awakening was when I learned that people are on their own path and it does not have to be like mine. We each find our own way. We are not all on the same level and that is okay too. I believe that we live many lifetimes and some souls have not been around as long as others. Naturally those older souls will have had more opportunity for learning and advancing. When you see others struggle in ways you do not understand there is a possibility that you might be a little more advanced than they are. You might be witnessing them in the process of learning lessons you've already grasped. That is why some folks cannot be helped. And that is why you allow them to go through the process of learning. Once they've mastered whatever lesson they've come here to learn they can move on to the next level in the next lifetime. It's why some souls have a short shelf life here and seem to expire before their time. In all actuality they were meant to be here exactly that short time and be a lesson for another soul or to fulfill that lifetime's short mission. The process of returning and returning also gives insight into why some children seem to be prodigies. Their soul somehow retains memories from a passed life. That is why some children seem to be born knowing a second language or are masters painters and musicians.

There is a world of info on past life. I'd start here. I'd also suggest reading Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani where she speaks about her soul leaving her body when she was near death and listening to this recording:

When you have an awakening you will feel like the master of the universe for a while and like with all things flesh, the lesson will stay but the world will work you back into it's fold. Over time even though you retain the lesson you will probably revert back to your old ways. It happens to the best of the awakened. When you are able to move forward and not revert back you are closer to obtaining enlightenment. The best you can do is always go easy on yourself. It is not easy to live here in a soul skin and you just need to be prepared for the fact that ascension is not an easy path.

If you are at all interested in what I've said here I'd suggest listening to this audio recording. Check out this short video about it:

I know this recording is very expensive on Amazon but you could do a month long subscription on Audible and get it with your credits for a lot less.

The video above is part of the Sounds True collection on YouTube. You should also check out some of their other videos. It is a great well of information.

I've gotta tell you this. If you've read any of this and it sparks something in you, you've probably already had your first awakening. It can happen just that fast.
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