Wednesday, July 8, 2015

list of love

If I listed all the books I've listened to on the job while on the road that have blown me away I would need to start a new blog just for that purpose. I'll just make this as brief as possible for this post and maybe revisit it again later. So here we go:
Every person living needs this book. If you are still young it will give you the proper mindset to pile on future decades without feeling old. If you are older then it will wake you up to how much our mindset really effects aging and health. I just talked to a group of Seniors about some of the studies cited in this book and they enjoyed it so much I think they felt like skipping back to their apartments when it was over. 
You won't need to believe in the divine to make this work for you. If you are totally open to walk down the path laid before you, that path will show you every road you need to take and place you on it. Life is amazing that way. Also, Tosha talks about something she calls the God Box. I just call it The Box. You just toss in your worries and insecurities and forget about them knowing they will be taken care of by the unseen energy of the universe, God, the Great Mystery or whatever you want to say. You don't even have to physically put these in a box. You could just mentally see them placed in a box and you can repeat that vision when the things try to come back up again.
This book will just prove to you that what Tosha teaches in Outrageous Openness is a fact of life. In this book you will follow the author through a life led by surrender. It will amaze you. It will also make you see where surrender has worked in your own life even when you didn't notice.
If you are not blown away and changed by Anita's story then I'll be blown away. It is such an amazing story of healing and self-love. 

What have you been reading/listening to? Anything life altering?
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