Tuesday, July 21, 2015

happy awakening

I've been trying to envision the aftereffect of a worldwide awakening. How would it look? The first question to answer is what are the possibilities? What kind of an awakening could happen on a global scale? Thinking about the possibilities blows the top off of my head. I'll tell you about the awakening I'd like to see but first I need to talk about the path there.

I've tried to think of analogy and the best one I can think of involves a manicure. Sorry guys. I think you'll still get it, you've seen enough nails polished and some of you have had your own polished.

So, we are born. We are fabulous. We don't know that we can mess up. We don't know that people will disapprove of us at some point in our future. We don't understand lying, racism, speaking ill of others or about hate. We are pretty much a blank slate. We are like the nails on the tips of your fingers. We are completely unadorned by anything that impedes on our perfection.

So, life happens. It is brought into our awareness that we can mess up, that people do disapprove of us from time to time, We learn how to lie, feel bigotry, speak ill of others if we chose that and we learn to hate and be hated. Each time we learn these things we add another layer of nail polish to our once unadorned nails. Pretty soon we can't even remember what they looked like before that first layer of negativity shellacked those perfectly natural nails. As each layer is added the bond between layers gets tighter and tighter. As with real nail polish, the more layers applied, the harder it is to remove. If you want to see those awesome natural nails again you are going to have to strip those layers off and so it is with people. If you want to get back to the person you were before the world took a great big dump on you, you will have to peel back those layers of shit one at a time.

So that just happened. You've peeled back until you are just a mound of innocence and peace. You don't harbor any ill will toward anyone. You no longer see in stereotype.

If we stop seeing in stereotype then we will not believe all the preconceived ideas that certain groups of people are all one way. If that could just happened what an awakening that would be. So let's explore that.

Instead of being afraid of a person on the street that we don't know we'll assume they are just like us, innocent and peaceful. Instead of not helping our neighbor because we feel jealousy that they have something we'd like for ourselves, we'd see them in innocence and peace and want to see them filled up with everything they could possibly want. Instead of being scared of people who are different than us or that live their life different than what we know and understand, we'd see the peace and innocence in them and want to see them exceed every limit the sky can allow. There'd be a figurative rolling up of the sleeves to give aid to anyone in need and we'd do it with pure love.

Wealthy helping the poor, strong helping the weak, neighbors helping neighbors, strangers helping strangers, We'd be bonded together in love rather than being separated by all the negativity and fear in the world. If you want to talk about ushering in the next golden age, well, I think this'd do it.

We won't be able to see people without love when we see them as innocent nor will we see ourselves without love when we see ourselves as innocent.

Break free your eyes bound by fear and separation and see anew with love, compassion, peace and acceptance. It's a simple little thing really.
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