Friday, July 3, 2015

Fear Not

What was there in the mind of man that took him to the crusades to ravage his brothers and sisters? What makes a man burn innocent women at the stake while calling them witches? What makes a man put on a white hood to enslave, castrate, burn, hang, beat, drag and torture people and also continue to burn churches when there's a call for equality? What makes a man hold up a sign that says "God Hates Fags"? What makes people go to Facebook to post their need to embrace a flag that is used by hate groups as their calling card? What makes people take to Facebook to let the world know how tortured they are that same sex couples finally have a ruling that makes them a little more equal?

In my twenties I walked out of the last church that I ever entered for worship and I plan on never returning again. I know you all think that I've not been to the right church. I know that you think that church is all about love and that's how your church is. I have sat in numerous churches and I've never once sat in one that, on any given Sunday, did not pick out one of the ways that the Bible says men are failing and tell us how we can unfail. So, depending on the fail of the moment, someone in the room will be called out for falling short. Someone will be made to feel like they are not worthy of sitting there unless they come forward and confess to their imperfections. That's not love folks. That is fear. That is fear planted in the mind of man.

Let me tell you what I've grown to know for sure since I no longer live in that kind of fear. I know that if there is a God and if there is a Lord I am loved because I breath just like I love my own children. Because they are mine and there is not a flaw in them that can ever take away their brilliance. I know if I can love so purely in my mere mortal skin then surely any sort of Omnipotent Being can love that way as well. If God can't love like a simple little human then I have no use for God. It's not asking a lot to believe in deities who can love purely. It;s not much to ask of them to not need our fear. It's not asking much of them not to need worship or for them not to be jealous. Those are traits of man. God should be above the traits of men.

I'm writing this post begging you to look to your own hearts for what you know is right. Look to your hearts to know that words in a book written by men with a need to assert control over their people have nothing to do with you and your heart. You can love your people, handling them with care and equality. As a parent if I can feel the want to see this in our world then surely God does. If there is a God surely he is crying because he has become so twisted in our hearts and minds that people take to destruction in his name rather than building each other up. The sad thing about this post is that even reading it will fill you with fear. You may even leave this post, written from a place of pure love for my fellow man, with a new found fear of me and my thoughts. Fear is not love my friends. Fear is not love. Go into the world with LOVE not fear.When you do, breathing will become easier. Stars will shine brighter. Hearts will fill with warmth. Beauty will be boundless.
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