Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer is Magical

I am starting to feel that feeling I always get this time of year. I just feel so renewed. This morning I found this piece in my inbox written by Sarah Petruno  and it showed me why I might feel this way every summer:

"The first half of the year, traditionally, we spend turned within. In a period of hibernation and nesting, in the late winter and spring months, we focus on our internal stores.
We focus on making changes within and then, in the spring, we begin to plant seeds of change.
In early summer, we start to see ourselves flourish. We’ve done all the hard, internal work, and now is the time to turn our efforts to those around us.
Summer is the time of speaking truthfully that of which we’ve learned about ourselves, and practicing listening more deeply to others as they share their truths."
Gosh I just love reading that. I've read it several times now. To think that June marks the time for renewal, now that just makes me happy. 
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