Tuesday, June 2, 2015

awesome free stuff on the interwebs

I love blogs. Love love LoVe blogs. So many of the blogs I read give away free educational & guidance material for subscribing to their email updates. I got to thinking about all the wonderful gifts I've received from signing up/or subscribing to blogs and I just wanted to share a few of my favorites.

The Secrets of Acient Healing by Nick Polozzi   See the sign up at the top of the page.

Chakra Healing e-book by Sarah Petruno  Just find the subscribe box on her homepage and enter your email.

Love Letters by Susannah Conway   Find the Love Letter subscription on the right column of the blog.

Finding Your Path by Pace Smith    Sign up for the weekly eZine and get this e-book for free.

I know I'm leaving some out but that is enough for your inbox at once. If you find that you don't like being subscribed to any of these you can always unsubscribe but I'm gonna bet you like them all. I save my emails and post links they each send until I have time to devote my full attention because they are always so good.  
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