Thursday, June 25, 2015

3 reasons

I have more crystals and stones around my house than I'd care to count. I carry a fluorite in my pocket most days and when I do, it might be in my mind, but those days are usually good ones.

So there are 3 reasons I will indulge the part of me that wants to believe in crystal magic that science sees as woo woo. Let me tell you about these.
  1. A child needs no reason to believe in anything. I love that. Don't mind me if I incorporate a little of that in to my own world. It will not hurt a thing to do that. Anytime I make up my mind to live a little more like the innocents of this earth it's always fun and makes my life happier. Why would I push against that?
  2. John of God is a healer who sits atop a huge crystal concentration in Brazil. People who have been to see him report a feeling of peace and love around the grounds as well as finding physical and spiritual healing by only his presence or by sitting in one of the current rooms in meditation. He also does hands on healing but I find it very appealing that the place itself holds some form of healing. 
  3. The earth was made to sustain us. It provides us with food, water, shelter, medicinal herbs, sunlight & oxygen. If it's soil can grow food and it's trees provide us with oxygen that we are unable to see, then is there a reason that it cannot form crystals and minerals that can both help with healing and peace? You may have to go back to bullet 1 on this and employee a little innocent belief but again, what would that hurt?
I'd almost say there is a number 4 but it's just really goes back to bullet 1. It's fun to make believe and see as a child. Sometimes believing is all you need.
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